A letter to Mayor Emanuel
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For Immediate Release
June 11, 2013
Released By:
Mayor's Office
For More Information Contact:
Mayor's Press Office

City Hall
121 N. LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602


Thank you for the note. It’s no surprise that such a verbose letter came from the Windy City.

I understand that as a new mayor over in the "big city" (which I hear sits on a very nice lake) you’re not accustomed to making these wagers very often, but I commend you on an admirable attempt.

You see, here in Boston, we have sports fans with a little something called heart. And so, as one of the country’s winningest mayors (championship titles, municipal elections, etc.), I’d like to offer you the following, though I feel strongly none of these items will be arriving at either of your airports:

  • The "Best of Boston's Local Foods," foods that are grown or produced right here in the Hub, including some of our abundant seafood;
  • Access to the City of Boston’s website for one day, to post a promotional video touting Chicago and its great attractions – no profanities, please;
  • I’ll see your Steppenwolf with two tickets to the Tony Award-winning Huntington Theatre Company, and raise you two tickets to Theo Epstein’s "Hot Stove, Cool Music" concert in Boston;
  • And of course, I’ll match you a tree, to be planted in the schoolyard of your choosing, highlighting our common commitment to education, parks and the environment.

I look forward to receiving your package. Please use ground transport as I would like to avoid any weather delays.


Thomas M. Menino,

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