CH 5: EMS workers recount bombings, vow to be back for 2014
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May 09, 2013
Jennifer Mehigan

EMS workers recount bombings, vow to be back for 2014 race

Marathon Monday is special for many reasons for EMTs and paramedics from Boston EMS. It's one of the few times each year most of them are together at one location.

But this year, there were moments when they didn't know if they would all get out alive.

"It's a good day for us because we don’t get to see each other. So it's a big event for us," said Bob Morley, one of six first responders who spoke publicly for the first time about their experience during the bombings.

Collectively they have well over 100 years experience on duty at Boston Marathons. One of the first memories they all share is the happiness of the day at 2:48 p.m. and the thought of the main pack of runners arriving at the finish line with various sports injuries.

One minute later the first explosion happened a few feet from the finish line.

"After the first blast, you could feel it. After the second, you knew it was something bad," said EMT Miguel Diaz.

"It was just a matter of seconds before we started getting updates on the radio that we did have devices explode," said EMT Walter Dunbar.

EMS trains for terror attacks prior to events as big as the Boston Marathon. The finish line area has more than 1,700 medical volunteers in addition 103 uniformed first responders on site.

"This was the perfect storm for us," said Captain Bob Haley about all the resources available close to the victims. "It was almost an assembly line as they came through the medical tent."

EMTs not assigned to the tent went directly to victims on Boylston Street.

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