Update for Back Bay Residents & Businesses
Mayor's Business and Resident Assistance Center Moved to BPL At Copley Square
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April 24, 2013
Back Bay Response Team

Dear Back Bay Residents and Businesses,  

Welcome back to Boylston Street.     

We are writing to inform you that the Mayor's Business and Resident Assistance Center has moved its headquarters to the Boston Public Library at Copley Square (700 Boylston).   

Experts will staff the center, including:

  • Representatives from the Small Business Administration and the Office of Emergency Management to discuss emergency loans and other assistance;
  • Trauma counselors from the Boston Public Health Commission; 
  • Representatives from the Boston Home Center to assist with homeowner and renter questions;
  • Representatives from the Inspectional Services Department to help with permitting and licensing; 
  • Insurance examiners from the Massachusetts Insurance Commission to assist with insurance questions;

The Center will be open on Thursday from 9am to 7pm; Friday from 9am to 5pm; Saturday from 9am to 5pm; and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. The Mayor’s Hotline at 617-635-4500 remains available to you 24/7.  

The Mobile City Hall will also be parked outside the library to answer questions and connect you with resources.  

In addition, we want to update you on our activities and to pass along a brief guidance below from the Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner regarding tips for affected businesses.    


  • Today, our staff conducted in-person outreach to Boylston businesses to check-in with you about financial, insurance, and other ongoing challenges.
  • Tomorrow, we will clean and organize our email lists to separate businesses, residents, and others as well as to remove duplicate email addresses.

  Insurance Tips for Affected Businesses – from the MA Insurance Commission

  • To the extent possible, document damage by taking pictures and videos of the conditions, especially of any items of value you must discard.  Also document the conditions in writing.
  • Contact your insurance agent or insurance company as soon as possible.
  • Gather all your paperwork and insurance documents in one place.  Keep a detailed record of all receipts related to the event.
  • Keep a detailed diary of the time you spend securing your property, all the interactions you have with your insurance company, adjuster, etc.


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