Boston EMT at Dispatch Helps Family Deliver Baby
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January 11, 2013
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Emergency Medical Services
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Boston EMT at Dispatch Helps Family Deliver Baby

On the evening of January 8th, at approximately 10:46 p.m., 911 Dispatch trainee EMT Michelle Chu, talked a Hyde Park man through the delivery of his new baby boy. EMT Chu, with her training officer EMT Mike Mynahan monitoring, compassionately instructed the father on what to do as she walked him through the process. At the end of the call, EMT Chu spoke briefly to the mother and congratulated her as well. EMT Chu stayed on the phone until the ambulance crew arrived. Mother and baby were then transported by the Ambulance 18 crew, EMTs Matt Avis and Paul Mitchell, to local hospital.

“All of our staff at Dispatch are uniformed EMTs. With that experience and training dedicated to 911 Dispatch Operations, they can truly handle any situation put in front of them,” EMS Chief James Hooley said. “Helping with child deliveries over the phone is a pretty unique experience and happens rarely, though it does happen. Generally, the most important part is keeping dad calm and giving him confidence that our crews are on the way.”

In December of 2011, Boston EMS EMT Sara Curry took a call from a pregnant female in active labor who was attempting to drive herself to the hospital. The caller also had children in the car with her; the oldest was a 12-year-old girl. After instructing the patient to pull over and stop, Curry quickly determined the location of the vehicle and calmly instructed the young girl how to help her mother deliver the baby.

Call takers and dispatchers at Boston EMS are certified EMTs who have received weeks of special training with EMS dispatching, including how to stay calm during stressful situations.  For more information about Boston EMS, please see our website at



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