Parking Enforcement Officers Issue "Know Snow" Pamphlets to Boston Drivers
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December 18, 2012
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Tracey Ganiatsos

Some Boston drivers may have been pleasantly surprised recently when they realized that the paper placed under their vehicle’s windshield wiper by a Boston Parking Enforcement Officer was a “Know Snow” pamphlet rather than a parking ticket.  Parking Enforcement Officers have been helping out with the City’s efforts to ensure that Boston drivers are aware of the rules of the road when a Snow Emergency is declared in the City.  Officers have distributed 20,000  pamphlets over the past two weeks in preparation for any significant storms that may affect Boston this winter.

“Our Parking Enforcement Officers are outside working diligently during snow emergencies helping to keep the City’s local streets clear so that snow plows can get to the curb and emergency vehicles can get to their destination uninhibited,” said Boston Transportation Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin.  “We are happy to assist in the distribution of these pamphlets in an effort to provide drivers with appropriate information in advance of a major winter storm.”

Residents and drivers are encouraged to log on to to sign up for “ALERT BOSTON” which will ensure that they receive an email, voice or text message when parking is prohibited on emergency arteries.  This website also provides a comprehensive list of the City’s emergency arteries and information about off-street parking facilities that offer free or reduced parking rates for Boston residents during a snow emergency.

For more information, please call the Mayor’s Hotline at #617-635-4500.

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City of Boston Parking Enforcement Officer issuing a “Know Snow” Pamphlet


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