Mayor Menino Announces Re-entry Plan for Individuals Impacted by State Drug Lab Crisis
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For Immediate Release
October 11, 2012
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Mayor's Office
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Mayor Thomas M. Menino, in coordination with Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, and other federal, state and local partners, today announced a crisis re-entry plan for those individuals being released from jail due to evidence tainted at the state drug lab.

“It is unfortunate that one person can cause such harm to the legal process and in turn such potential for harm to Boston’s neighborhoods,” Mayor Menino said. “We are concerned about the large number of individuals who will be released from state prison with no plan for transition back into society, and just as concerned about those who may return to a lifestyle that can cause turmoil on our streets.”

A targeted crisis re-entry team comprised of representatives from the Boston Police Department, District Attorney’s office, Department of Probation and Boston Centers for Youth and Family will case manage each individual released, beginning tomorrow with a mandatory pre-release visitation at the Department of Corrections.

“Mayor Menino, Commissioner Davis, and our city and state partners recognize the gravity of this situation,” Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said. “We didn’t cause this crisis at the Department of Public Health lab, but we’re working together to minimize its impact in court, on the street, and across the community.”

Mayor Menino will submit a formal request for federal and state resources to help offset re-entry efforts and those of community partners. Increased resources will be made available for overtime and personnel for the Boston Police Department to accommodate the situation, including additional citywide drug unit assets and youth violence strike force deployments.

“The Boston Police Department is succeeding in its efforts to reduce crime with strategies that include prevention and allocation of resources. The crisis created by discrepancies found at the state drug lab creates a unique challenge for the Department, but one we are well-equipped to handle,” Commissioner Edward F. Davis said. “Working with Mayor Menino, we have carefully crafted a plan for individuals who may be released from custody. We are sending a clear message: Do not re-offend. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any type of criminal activity.”

The crisis re-entry team will conduct mandatory pre-release orientations for those individuals that are being released as a result of discrepancies in evidence from the state drug lab. The team will include members of the Boston Police Department, the District Attorney’s office, Department of Probation and Street Workers from the Boston Centers for Youth and Families. These meetings will be led by a representative from the Department of Corrections, and will address 5-10 inmates at one time. Individuals will also be provided written information on Boston-based service providers that can assist with jobs, housing, health care and education.

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