City of Boston Traffic Advisory for Columbus Day Weekend, 2012
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October 04, 2012
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Tracey Ganiatsos

A number of special events will be taking place in the City of Boston this Columbus Day Weekend.  Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are all asked to pay close attention to the rules of the road as the City’s streets will be busier than usual. 


Saturday, October 6, 2012


An event taking place at the Holy Cross Cathedral on Saturday, October 6, will require the implementation of a temporary “Tow Zone, No Stopping, Boston Police Special Event, Saturday, 6 AM to 6 PM” parking restriction at the following locations.

  • Union Park Street, both sides, from Washington Street to Harrison Avenue
  • Msrg. Reynolds Way, both sides, from Washington Street to Harrison Avenue


Sunday, October 7, 2012


The annual Columbus Day Parade will be held in East Boston on Sunday, October 7.  Marchers will step off from Suffolk Downs at Waldemar Avenue at 1 PM, and proceed to Bennington Street to Day Square, to Chelsea Street to Maverick Square, right onto Meridian Street toCentral Square.  To accommodate the parade, the following temporary parking restrictions will be in effect.

  • Walley Street, both sides, from Waldemar Avenue to Bennington Street
  • Bennington Street, both sides, from Walley Street to Saratoga Street(OrientHeights), inbound side, from Saratoga Street (Orient Heights) toNeptune Road (Day Square), both sides, both roadways, from Neptune Road to Chelsea Street (Day Square)
  • Chelsea Street, both sides, Day Square to Maverick Street
  • Maverick Street, both sides, from Chelsea Street t oMeridian Street
  • Meridian Street, both sides, from Maverick Street to Porter Street
  • Central Square, both sides, southerly roadway from Meridian Street to Border Street
  • Border Street, both sides, fromCentral Square, southerly roadway to Condor Street


The Annual Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon will begin at Franklin Park at 8:30 AM on Sunday, October 7.  An estimated 5,000 participants will travel along the following route.


Pierpont Road in Franklin Park, right on Jewish War Veterans Drive, continue on Circuit Drive, continue on Forest Hills Drive, right onto Forest Hills Overpass, continue on the Arborway, continue on Pond Street, continue on the Jamaicaway, continue on the Riverway, turn around on the Riverway just before Fenway, continue on the Riverway, continue on the Jamaicaway, right onto Route 9 Eastbound Exit, right on River Road, left on Pond Avenue, clockwise Pond/Chestnut Streets Rotary, left on Chestnut Street, right on Perkins Street, left on Francis Parkman Drive, right on the Arborway, counterclockwise around Kelly Circle, continue on the Arborway, continue on Forest Hills Overpass, counterclockwise around Forest Hills Rotary, right on Forest Hills Drive, right on Circuit Drive, follow Circuit Drive around backside of the Devine Golf Course, turn around on Circuit Drive behind the Devine Golf Course, continue on Circuit Drive, right onto Jewish War Veterans Drive, left on Pierpont Road, right into Service entrance to Franklin Park Zoo, left at the Giraffe Exhibit, continue via the path in the Franklin Park Zoo, exit the Giraffe Entrance to the Franklin Park Zoo, continue on Playstead Road, left at basketball courts, left into White Stadium and finish at the 40 yard line.


The following temporary parking restrictions will be in effect to accommodate the race.

“Tow Zone No Stopping Saturday – Sunday”

  • Pierpont Road, both sides, fromGlen LanetoPlaystead Road

 “Tow Zone No Stopping Sunday” restrictions will be in effect at the following locations.

  • Circuit Drive, both sides, from Blue Hill Avenue to Morton Street
  • Valley Gates Area, both sides, fromCircuit Drive to the White Stadium Entrance to the Zoo
  • Pierpont Road, both sides, from Sigourney Street to Playstead Road
  • Playstead Road, both sides, from Walnut Street Entrance to Pierpont Road
  • Seaver Street,Franklin Park side, from Walnut Avenue to Elm Hill Avenue


An estimated 1,200 people will take part in the Centennial Double Tenth Parade on Sunday, October 7, beginning at 10 AM at the Chinatown Gate, located at the intersection of Beach Street and Surface Road.  The parade will travel from Beach Street, right onto Harrison Avenue, left onto Avenue de Lafayette, right onto Washington Street, crossing over Court Street, to Washington Mall at City Hall Plaza for a flag raising ceremony.


Monday, October 8, 2012


The annual Columbus Day Race for Women will be held on Monday, October 8 beginning at Noon onBeacon Street, east ofCharles Street.  An estimated 7,000 runners will make their way along the following route.


Starting on Beacon Street between Charles and Brimmer Streets, right onto Massachusetts Avenue, over the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge, into Cambridge, up and down Memorial Drive, returning to Boston via the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge, to Massachusetts Avenue, left onto Commonwealth Avenue, right onto Arlington Street, left onto Boylston Street, left onto Charles Street, ending on Charles Street between the center gate of the Public Garden and Beacon Street.

To accommodate the race the following temporary parking restrictions will be in effect.

“Tow Zone, No Stopping,Boston Police Special Event, Sunday and Monday

  • Beacon Street, south side (Boston Public Garden side), from Charles Street to opposite Brimmer Street

“Tow Zone, No Stopping, BostonPolice Special Event, Monday”

  • Beacon Street, both sides, from Charles Street to Clarendon Street
  • Boylston Street,Public Garden side, from Arlington Street to Charles Street
  • Charles Street, both sides, from Boylston Street to Beacon Street






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