Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Improvements on Grove Street, West Roxbury
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September 12, 2012
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Tracey Ganiatsos

In collaboration with Grove Street residents, the Boston Transportation Department is working to implement improvements to Grove Street in West Roxbury that are designed to enhance both pedestrian and traffic safety.


“I am happy to see BTD working closely with neighborhood residents to resolve problems on local streets,” said Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.  “It’s important for residents to feel safe using neighborhood streets, and they should not have to be worried about their personal safety due to speeding cars and trucks.  I’m confident that these new improvements will go a long way toward correcting this situation.”


Earlier this year,Grove Street residents attended a City Council Hearing on the topic of “Traffic Calming” that was chaired by Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley.  One resident expressed the neighborhood’s concerns related to traffic on Grove Street, between Washington Street and the Dedham line.  As a result, Commissioner Tinlin and BTD Engineering Director John DeBenedictis scheduled a meeting with residents to walk along the street and observe the problem first-hand.


“It was terrific to spend an afternoon walking Grove Street with residents and discussing traffic issues with them,” said BTD Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin.  “All involved agreed that traffic speed, traffic volume, and truck traffic were contributing to safety concerns.  I am pleased to announce that a plan to correct this problem has been designed and agreed upon, and it is now in the process of being implemented.”


Following the Grove Street meeting, a traffic study was completed by BTD’s Engineering Division.  The study showed that in a 24 hour period in March of this year, a total of 8286 vehicles traveled on this residential street.  Furthermore, 83.6% of these vehicles were driven above the 30 mph speed limit.  To correct the problem, a number of traffic safety measures are being executed.

  • Two new crosswalks are being installed, one at the intersection of Grove and Stimson Streets, and one at the intersection of Grove and Birchwood Streets.
  • A total of four pedestrian ramps, and accompanying signage, are being installed on either side of the new crosswalks.
  • Two speed display signs are being installed, one directed at southbound traffic on Grove Street between Stimson and Jeshurun Streets, and one directed at northbound traffic on Grove Street between Jeshurun and Birchwood Streets.
  • New pavement markings are being painted on Grove Street to better define the 11 ft. travel lanes in each direction.


Work to incorporate these traffic and pedestrian safety improvements on Grove Street recently got underway and is expected to be completed by the middle of October.  Further adjustments will be made as necessary.



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