BTD Employee Willie Dupree Honored by Boston Police Department
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August 24, 2012
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Tracey Ganiatsos

Boston Transportation Department employee Willie Dupree was this week honored with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Boston Police Department’s District 14 Community Response Team, for his contribution to the BPD’s “Broken Windows” initiative in Brighton and Allston.  The award was presented by BPD Captain Wayne Lanchester at the team’s quarterly meeting.

According to the BPD, Willie has worked for the past two years assisting them in keeping the Brighton and Allston communities vibrant by providing them with BTD services that help them in their efforts to decrease both the crime rate and the fear of crime.  The Certificate of Appreciation reads as follows.

“The Boston Police Department at District 14, Allston and Brighton, recognizes you for your ongoing efforts in eliminating “Broken Windows” throughout the Allston and Brighton communities.  It is only with the assistance of our partners that we can reduce crime and the fear of crime.  Your assistance has been invaluable towards that end.  We commend you for your determined dedication in making the roadways of Brighton and Allston safe for all.”

Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin said, “I’d like to thank Willie for his hard work and his commitment to his responsibilities that has led to him being honored by the Boston Police Department with this award.  It is a privilege for BTD to support BPD with their efforts to increase the quality of life in Boston’s neighborhoods, and I am very pleased that BTD employee Willie Dupree has been recognized for the significant contributions that he makes each and every day to these efforts.”

A 26 year veteran of the Boston Transportation Department, Willie Dupree is the City’s Chief Traffic Investigator. 

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PD District 14 Captain Wayne Lanchester, Chief Traffic Investigator Willie Dupree, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services Coordinator Angela Holm, and Boston Police Officer Steve Law with the District 14 Community Service Office.


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