Mayor, Boston EMS Celebrate Academy Graduation and Recent Promotions
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October 27, 2011
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Emergency Medical Services
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Mayor, Boston EMS Celebrate

Academy Graduation and Recent Promotions

Mayor Thomas M. Menino and BPHC Executive Director Barbara Ferrer joined Boston EMS to celebrate the Academy graduation of 18 new EMTs and the promotions of Superintendent Tim Holland, 2 Deputy Superintendents, and 1 Lieutenant.

“When you wear that uniform, you represent the care and respect that the City of Boston has for our residents and visitors,” Mayor Menino said. “Not just anyone has the right to wear the shirt and badge of a Boston EMS EMT. It has to be earned, and you have earned it today.”

Each graduate has their own reasons for joining Boston EMS and several had previously taken the department’s Community EMT course. EMT Robert Grueter of Roslindale decided to work in EMS after witnessing a bad car accident and signed up for an EMT course a week after. “I wanted to be challenged. I wanted to work with the best in the field doing the hardest work,” he said.

EMT Candice Harper of Mattapan said the intensity of the Academy was what stood out. EMT Mark Keith of Dorchester agreed, saying, “the constant pressure to do and be the best has already made me feel like I’m ready to do excellent patient care out in the field.”

Chief James Hooley told the graduates, “Remember that this is only the beginning. Stay true to your training and the motivation that brought you here. You have chosen this profession. Starting today you bear as much responsibility to further your profession and the future of Boston EMS as any one of us.”

            EMT Michelle Chu and Field Training Officer EMT Miguel Diaz made news on Columbus Day when they helped deliver a baby girl on the side on I-93. The mother, Ena Elhadidy of Norwood, and the baby were on hand to reunite with the crew and congratulate the new graduate. The crew presented the family with a pink “Delivered by Boston EMS” onesie.

             The Boston EMS Academy is a rigorous 6-month training program that consists of classroom work, field instruction, exercises and drills to prepare our EMTs to deliver unparalleled service. Those enrolled in the accredited Academy are already state certified EMTs. The training recruits receive ensures that they are physically and mentally prepared to deliver high-quality medical care to the citizens and visitors of Boston.

             Also recognized for promotions were Timothy Holland, promoted to Superintendent, he currently oversees Professional Development and Community Initiatives, Edmund Hassan and Susan Schiller for their recent promotion from Paramedic to Deputy Superintendent, and Virginia Famolare who was promoted from EMT to Lieutenant.



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