Boston EMS Receives Regional Honors
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October 28, 2010
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Emergency Medical Services
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Boston EMS Receives Regional Honors

             At Boston EMS, the strength of our service lies in our personnel’s commitment to excellence. Boston EMS took home 2 awards tonight as part of the 10th Annual MBEMSC (Metro Boston EMS Council) Region IV Awards. The awards are aimed at recognizing individuals who strive to improve the delivery of pre-hospital care and perform meritorious service above and beyond the expectations of the profession.

            “This is a great honor not only for the individuals being recognized, but it says a lot about the level of professionalism at Boston EMS,” Chief James Hooley said. “More importantly it motivates staff to continue to be proactive and go above and beyond. I would like to congratulate all those honored tonight.”

  • ALS Provider of the Year - Paramedic Juli Nichols, Boston EMS
  • BLS Provider of the Year - EMTs John Cotter and James McCabe, Boston EMS

ALS Provider of the Year

Paramedic Juli Nichols has been a member of Boston EMS since 1983 beginning as an EMT before being promoted to Paramedic. During the majority of her time here she has worked on two of the City’s busiest ALS ambulances. There is no bigger advocate for her patients than Juli, who is known for providing exceptional care and strongly advocating for her patients. An experienced Paramedic, Juli is always willing to take time and share lessons with other staff and is just as eager to learn more about her profession.

Two years ago, Juli was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Instead of cowering, she fought the disease and won. She endured many months of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments and worked an administrative duty during much of this time. Juli’s attitude of hope and conquering spirit was infectious to all who worked with her and she is currently back in the ambulance doing the job she loves. She has since embarked on a mission to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer and has also given talks to encourage Boston EMS members and their families to seek preventative measures.

Boston EMS is proud to have Paramedic Juli Nichols working the streets of Boston as part of our staff.

BLS Provider(s) of the Year

On the evening of April 19, 2010, as the Boston Marathon was winding down, EMTs James McCabe and John Cotter heard a Boston Police request for an ambulance for a man down in the South End. Upon reaching the patient, EMT McCabe determined the injury was a hemorrhaging wound in the patient’s neck, notified ALS and applied direct pressure to the injury, a lacerated carotid artery. EMTs McCabe and Cotter then began a rapid removal from the scene and transported the patient to Boston Medical Center. On the way, they contacted the hospital explaining the case.

            At the hospital, they were met in the ambulance bay by BMC’s trauma surgical team and were taken directly to the operating room with the patient. In all, EMT McCabe kept pressure on the wound for almost 30 minutes before being relieved. Despite the seriousness of the injury, the patient survived surgery.

            Had it not been for the prompt recognition of the life threatening situation, aggressive treatment and rapid transport by EMTs Cotter and McCabe, the patient would not have survived with this type of injury.

            Boston EMS is proud to have EMTs Cotter and McCabe as part of our team.

Boston EMS is the City of Boston’s premier emergency medical services provider and the largest municipal EMS service in New England. As a nationally recognized leader and innovator in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine, the department leverages the latest advances in both medicine and technology to bring cutting edge care to the streets of Boston. In 2009, Boston EMS’ team of EMTs and Paramedics responded to over 107,000 calls for help and transported over 80,000 patients to area hospitals, making the Department one of the busiest services in the country. The men and women of Boston EMS work tirelessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to deliver state-of-the-art pre-hospital emergency medical care to the people of Boston.



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