Mayor Menino's Statement on Charlestown Fire and Grilling Safety
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For Immediate Release
July 06, 2010
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Mayor's Office
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Mayor's Press Office

“The Boston Fire Department and all of the 125 firefighters who battled the 4 alarm blaze today in dangerously high heat conditions should be commended.  While this afternoon's Charlestown fire resulted in 9 firefighters and 2 civilians have been treated for heat exhaustion, we are fortunate that more were not seriously injured.   The official cause of this fire remains under investigation, but it appears to have been caused by a grill on the roof.   Tonight I want to remind residents that incidents like this one can be avoided.  During this hot weather, cooking  indoors  is not comfortable but we must remember to be safe when grilling outside.”  - Mayor Thomas M. Menino

Residents are reminded of the following city and state regulations for grilling safety:

The use of portable charcoal cooking grilles on or within a building or structure is prohibited.  They must remain on the ground away from any structures.  

  • Under no circumstances may gas or charcoal grills be used on fire escapes or fire escape balconies.
  • The Massachusetts Board of Fire Prevention prohibits the use or storage of  propane used for barbecue cooking inside or on balconies above the first floor of any building or structure used for habitation.
  • Propane containers must be located in areas where there is free air circulation, at least 3 feet from building openings (such as windows and doors), and at least 5 feet from air intakes of air conditioning and ventilating systems  

BBQ Safety Information From the Boston Fire Department


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