Change Clocks...Change Batteries
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
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For Immediate Release
March 13, 2010
Released By:
Fire Department
For More Information Contact:
Steve McDonald

Each year, thousands of people needlessly die or are injured in home fires. Tragically, many of them would be alive or unharmed today had their home been equipped with working smoke detectors.

Working smoke detectors cut the risks of dying in home fires by nearly one half. They provide an early warning and critical extra seconds to escape. One problem, though, is that while smoke detectors are in 92 % of all homes, nearly one-third of these have worn out or missing batteries.

Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick J. Fraser, Jr. states “A smoke detector without a good battery is pointless. It provides zero protection and gives people a false sense of security.”

On Saturday evening, March 13, 2010 when daylight savings time begins and clocks are turned ahead, the Boston Fire Department urges everyone to change their smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Change your clocks, change your batteries has long been the slogan of the fire service.

Also, Commissioner Fraser suggests to all families that they take a few minutes to go over escape routes from their homes. A meeting place should be designated outside your home where all would go to in the event of a fire. Keeping exit doors and stairways clear of household items should also be a priority. 

“If we can get people in the habit of twice a year changing their smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries and discussing fire safety and escape routes, it will go a long way towards increasing the public’s chances of getting out alive if a fire breaks out in the home.” said Commissioner Fraser.


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