Local Emergency Planning Committee, (LEPC), Semi-Annual Meeting
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For Immediate Release
January 28, 2010
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Fire Department
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Steve McDonald

Local Emergency Planning Committee, (LEPC), held its semi-annual meeting Thursday 12/19 at 0900 hours, at Special Operations new quarters on Holton St., with a presentation on the subject of Hazardous Material Decontamination Procedures. 

We reached out to the Health Care Community and were pleased when Mass. General Hospital and Children’s Hospital volunteered to be presenters. DFC Michael Ruggere conducted a power point presentation “An Overview of the BFD’s Hazardous Materials and Decontamination Process” and then assisted by Captain Edward Anderson and Lieutenant Michael Townes, did a walk through presentation of our Mobile Decontamination Truck. 

The next presentation was done by William “Rusty” Lorenzen, MS, Radiation Safety Officer for Children’s Hospital.  He stressed the unique challenges involved when decontaminating children and also talked about Radiological Emergencies and Equipment. 

A HAZMAT Team from MGH (16 in number) under the guidance of Jacky Nally, their HAZMAT Program Coordinator, suited up in Level “C” decontamination suits. A mock up was set up using mannequins as victims and the teams processed the victims through the various stages of decontamination using the tent-like structure you see in some of the pictures. 

Water was pumped into the building using E39’s pump and into the set-up to simulate an actual decon.  The entire HAZMAT crew over at Holton St and the members of E39 deserve a lot of the credit for set-up break down and assistance in general. 

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