Snow Emergency Parking Regulations
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For Immediate Release
December 12, 2007
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Tracey Ganiatsos

The Boston Transportation Department would like drivers to be aware of the following parking guidelines that will be put into effect whenever a Snow Emergency is declared in Boston during the 2007/2008 winter season.

During a Snow Emergency, parking is prohibited on all major arteries in Boston. These streets are posted with "Tow Zone - No Parking During Snow Emergency" signs. On secondary streets, parking is allowed during snow emergencies this year on the odd side only.

Other parking rules that are particularly important during a Snow Emergency are:

1) Do not park within 20 feet of an intersection or further than one foot from the curb as this impedes access for both fire trucks and snow plows

2) Do not park at fire hydrants, crosswalks, handicap ramps, or bus stops as it is crucial for public safety that these areas remain accessible

3) Disabled cars blocking the roadway must be removed as soon as possible.

Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin said, "Many streets in Boston's residential neighborhoods are narrow and winding and particularly difficult to maneuver when snow is piled up. As a result, it is essential that parking regulations be strictly enforced to ensure that streets remain accessible for snow plows, fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles. We urge drivers to voluntarily comply with these regulations so that ticketing and towing may be kept to a minimum."

Free or discounted spaces in parking lots and garages are available to Boston residents during snow emergencies. For information on alternate parking locations as well as a listing of the city's major arteries, please access


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