Code Enforcement Citations
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For Immediate Release
March 01, 2007
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Mayor's Office
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Press Office

In January, Mayor Thomas M. Menino filed a home rule petition with the Boston City Council that would allow the city a way to better collect fines for trash and other code violations, known commonly as "green tickets."

"The cleanliness of our city is an important quality of life issue in all of our neighborhoods. These violators need to be held accountable," Mayor Menino said.

The purpose of this act is to establish procedures for the Inspectional Services Department (ISD) to create a better collection process for violations of city ordinances such as illegal dumping, site cleanliness and improper storage of trash. These violations are issued primarily by the Inspectional Services Department's Code Enforcement Officers and are often referred to as Code Enforcement Citations or "green tickets."

One new component in the act is the authorization of liens on the property of owners who have repeatedly failed to comply with the violation process. Essentially, those who do not pay their "green ticket" fines will be subject to further fines by the city and will restrict their access to other city services like building permits and residential parking stickers.

As a home rule petition, this act must be passed by the City Council before going before the state Legislature and then the Governor for approval.


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