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May 03, 2006
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Tracey Ganiatsos


Boston Resident Parking Permits, currently valid for three years, will be renewable every two years beginning this summer. The Boston Transportation Department is implementing this change to streamline the permit renewal process and to improve internal departmental operations.

"The Resident Permit Parking Program has expanded significantly over the past several years, from just over 41,000 permits issued in 1988 to the more than 76,000 permits that are valid today" said Acting BTD Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin.

"As a result," he added, "we've updated the program over the years to continue to offer good customer service, to provide for operational enhancements such as the mail-in renewal process started in 1985, and to ensure the integrity of the program itself. A bi-annual renewal process is another step toward maintaining the quality of the program while meeting demand."

The new process calls for a revolving schedule of permit renewals by neighborhood to provide for steady and consistent renewal procedures. In July, 2006, Charlestown residents will be the first to receive the two year permits. As part of the streamlining process, the future renewal month for many neighborhood permits will change. For example, Charlestown's future renewal month will be September making that neighborhood's upcoming permits effective July 1, 2006 through September 30, 2008. In addition, to allow for the implementation of this process, the expiration date of half of the current permits will be extended for one year. Current permit holders will be notified of this change by mail. There are two key factors for the mounting demand by Boston residents for the Resident Permit Parking Program. First is the increase in the number of cars registered in the city.

In 1990, the number vehicles registered in the city was 258,896 compared to the 346,102 vehicles registered in Boston today. Second is the commuters who park on local streets and either walk or take public transportation to work for the purpose of avoiding the high cost of weekday parking in lots and garages Downtown.

In 2003, BTD extended the life of the city's Resident Parking Permits making them valid from one year to three. The adjustment was made to accommodate budget constraints. At that time, safeguards were implemented to make certain that short-term Boston residents did not obtain three year permits that they continued to use after they moved out of the city. BTD periodically compares vehicle registrations that Resident Parking Permits are issued to against the legal addresses where these vehicles are registered. If discrepancies are discovered, the Resident Parking Permits are revoked. BTD will continue this practice.

Most recently, almost the entire South Boston neighborhood has been added to the program as on-street parking has become a valuable commodity in this thriving community. The shortage of parking in South Boston is indicative of the problem in many Boston neighborhoods. South Boston is located in close physical proximity to the Financial District, Downtown and the Back Bay. In addition, many of the double and triple deckers in the neighborhood, that at one time claimed one car per apartment, have been converted to condominiums with two and three cars registered per floor.

Although displaying a Resident Parking Permit does not guarantee any driver a parking space, the Resident Parking Program sets aside for "Resident Parking Only" a large portion of the limited number of on-street parking spaces available throughout the city's neighborhoods. This gives residents on-street parking preference on the local streets near their homes.

Resident Parking Permits are issued by the Boston Transportation Department's Office of the Parking Clerk free of charge. Located in room 224, Boston City Hall, the Office of the Parking Clerk is open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4:30 PM. Vehicles must be registered to a Boston address and the resident must present a current proof of residency that bears the same name and address as on the vehicle registration. The office accepts utility, cable television, credit card and water and sewer bills, as well as all monthly bank statements except mortgage. The vehicle owner cannot have any overdue Boston parking tickets issued to his/her current or past vehicle registrations. The first permit must be obtained in person, but in ensuing years, the permit may be renewed by mail.

Residents with questions regarding the changes to their neighborhood's Resident Parking Program are urged to call the Boston Transportation Department Hotline at #617-635-4-BTD.


Neighborhood Current Permit Exp Date Extended Through
Charlestown August 31, 2006 No Extension
North End November 30, 2006 No Extension
East Boston January 31, 2007 No Extension
Jamaica Plain July 31, 2006 February, 2007
South End April 30, 2007 No Extension
Chinatown May 31, 2007 No Extension
Roxbury October 31, 2006 May, 2007
Leather District May 31, 2007 No Extension
West Roxbury May 31, 2007 No Extension
Motorcycles December 31, 2006 May, 2007
Mission Hill December 31, 2006 June, 2007
Beacon Hill September 30, 2006 September, 2007
South Boston December 31, 2006 November, 2007
Roslindale August 31, 2006 January, 2008
Dorchester July 31, 2006 January, 2008
Bay Village October 31, 2006 January, 2008
Hyde Park October 31, 2006 January, 2008
Allston/Brighton February, 28, 2007 March, 2008
Back Bay March 31, 2007 May, 2008
Fenway/Kenmore June 30, 2007 June, 2008


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