Mayor Walsh Opens Search for Boston's First Chief Data Officer to Lead the Citywide Analytics Team, Releases Citywide Analytics Team 2015 Year-In-Review
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February 18, 2016
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Mayor's Office
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BOSTON - Thursday, February 18, 2016 - Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced that the City of Boston has opened the search for its first ever Chief Data Officer to advance Boston's position as a leader in data-driven government, build collaborations with outside partners and serve as a public face for the City's data analytics efforts. The Citywide Analytics Team also released its first annual Year-In-Review, which highlights several case studies from 2015 in which data was used to improve quality of life and improve government operations.

"The citywide analytics team is an invaluable asset that allows us to hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that we are delivering excellent city services to the people of Boston," said Mayor Walsh. "I am excited to expand the team to include a Chief Data Officer, who will oversee the city's efforts to incorporate data into operations throughout the city and I look forward to working closely together to make our city safer and smarter."

As a member of the leadership team of the Department of Innovation and Technology, the Chief Data Officer will manage Boston's Citywide Analytics Team. The Chief Data Officer will also also work closely with other Chiefs and Commissioners to expand the use of visualization and analytics to improve operations throughout the City. The application for the Chief Data Officer is available online at

"In the year since it was announced by Mayor Walsh, the Citywide Analytics Team has built an amazing track record helping City departments use data to better serve the people of Boston," said Chief Information Officer Jascha Franklin-Hodge. "Our Chief Data Officer will build on this legacy, and enhance Boston's role as a leader in modern, responsive, data-driven government."

The Citywide Analytics Team has led more than a dozen projects across the city, which are highlighted in their first annual Year-In-Review

A few highlights include:

  • Launched CityScore, an initiative that compiles key performance metrics from city departments every day to provide an at-a-glance view of the City's overall performance;
  • Created data dashboards, which provides the Mayor and executives with tools for data-driven management and ways to measure the impact of City services on quality of life;
  • Building Intelligence System, which combines data from many sources to give firefighters up-to-date hazard information en route to fire scenes;
  • Used traffic data from the Waze app to improve the flow of vehicles on the roadway and increase safety for vulnerable road users
  • Hosted Hub Hackathons to engage the community with Boston's Open data portal and help residents explore topics that matter to their community.


The Citywide Analytics Team uses data to improve quality of life and enhance government operations in the City of Boston. By combining modern data analysis and visualizations with a deeply engaged approach to performance improvement and change management, the team works with departments across the City to solve challenging problems, build a more effective government, and deliver better outcomes for the people who live and work in Boston.



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