City of Boston Traffic Advisory - St. Patrick's Day Parade
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For Immediate Release
March 12, 2014
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Tracey Ganiatsos

The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, as well as the annual South Boston Boys and Girls Club Road Race, will be held in South Boston on Sunday, March 16, 2014.  The Boston Transportation Department is advising those coming into the city for the festivities to leave their vehicles at home and take the MBTA.  Information on train and bus service into South Boston can be found at  Traffic will be detoured for portions of the day and parking restrictions will be in effect throughout Sunday in the neighborhood.


The parade will begin at 1 PM on West Broadway.  The route will take marchers left onto East Broadway, right onto P Street, right onto East Fourth Street, left onto K Street, right onto East Fifth Street, left onto G Street, right onto Thomas Park, left onto Telegraph Street, left onto Dorchester Street, ending at Dorchester Avenue.


The road race will begin at 11 AM on West Sixth Street.  The route will take runners to Dorchester Street, right onto East Broadway, down and around the Farragut Statue at  Day Boulevard, to East Broadway, right onto West Broadway, left onto E Street, left onto West Sixth Street, ending at the Boys and Girls Club.


“Tow Zone, No Stopping, Sunday Parade” restrictions will be in effect as follows.


Dorchester Avenue, both sides, from Gillette Park to Old Colony Avenue, and, both sides, from Andrew Square to Mount Vernon Street


Old Colony Avenue, both sides, from Dorchester Avenue to C Street


West Broadway, both sides, from Dorchester Avenue to Dorchester Street


D Street, both sides, from West Broadway to Cypher Street, also for 30 feet from the intersection of D Street on Athens, West Third, Bolton, West Second, West First and Cypher Streets


East Broadway, both sides, from Dorchester Street to P Street


P Street, both sides, from East Broadway to East Fourth Street


East Fourth Street, both sides, from P Street to K Street


K Street, both sides, from East Fourth Street to East Fifth Street


East Fifth Street, both sides, from K Street to G Street


G Street, both sides, from East Fifth Street to Thomas Park near #96 G Street


Thomas Park, both sides, waterside, fromG Street to Telegraph Street


Telegraph Street, both sides, from Thomas Park to Dorchester Street


Dorchester Street, both sides, from Telegraph Street to Dorchester Avenue


Southampton Street, both sides, from Andrew Square to the bridge over the Southeast Expressway


West Sixth Street, both sides, from F Street to Dorchester Street


F Street, Boys and Girls Club side, West Sixth Street to Bowen Street






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