Elections Department Announces Start of City's Annual Door-to-Door Census
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For Immediate Release
July 09, 2013
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Mayor's Office
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Mayor's Press Office

The Board of Election Commissioners announces the start of the door-to-door component of the 2013 Annual Listing Project. Beginning in February, the Election Department mailed out over 300,000 listing forms to individual households in every neighborhood of the City of Boston. Residents were given the opportunity to respond by prepaid mail, telephone or on-line. Massachusetts General Laws require that every city and town in the Commonwealth conduct an Annual Listing each year. The door-to-door effort targets those residents who have not yet responded.

The listing officers will be beginning in Ward 12, in Roxbury and work their way through Dorchester to Ward 17. When this large portion of the City is completed, the teams will then move on to other neighborhoods.

Information compiled from the Listing is used to maintain the integrity of the voting list. Failure to respond to the listing can result in a voter’s status being designated as “inactive”, which can result in delays the next time the voter goes to the polls. It also will provide an accurate listing to the Office of the Jury Commissioner.

Door-to-Door listing officers will be wearing Photo Identification Badges issued by the City of Boston as well as orange mesh vests indicating that they are working for the Election Department. The listing officers work in teams and Boston Police as well as other agencies and officials will be notified when the team will be working in their area.

Listing Officers are NOT collecting any money, signing residents up for any services, or collecting Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers.

Residents can still complete their Annual Listing by phone Monday through Friday, from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. by calling 617-635-3767. Those who wish to use the on-line Listing Form should go to www.cityofoboston.gov/elections and click on the link. Please note if you use the on-line method, you must complete a form for each member of the household who is 17 years of age or older.

Residents with questions or concerns regarding the listing may call 617-635-4634 or visit the Election Department website. Updates will also be posted on our Facebook Page at facebook/BostonElections as well as on Twitter @BostonElections.


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