City of Boston and MASCO Partnership Brings a Bike Lane to Brookline Avenue
Masco Introduces "Karma Commuting" Safety Campaign
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May 01, 2013
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Tracey Ganiatsos

In partnership with the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, the City of Boston Transportation Department is pleased to announce that work is beginning this week to install a bike lane on Brookline Avenue from the Sears Rotary to the Riverway.  This initiative is part of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s conviction to welcome bicyclists to share the road with Boston motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Mayor Menino said, “In 2007, we set out to make Boston a world-class bicycling city.  Six years later, ridership has doubled, we’ve installed more than 60 miles of bike lanes, we’ve implemented Hubway, our hugely successful bike share program, and we’re working to put into operation a city-wide bike network plan.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress that we’ve made and I am delighted to be adding Brookline Avenue to the list of streets where cyclists can ride safely and efficiently in our City.”

            The Brookline Avenue bike lane project will encompass the following:


  • A dedicated bike lane outbound from The Fenway to Francis Street.
  • A shared lane inbound from the Riverway to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center East Campus.
  • A dedicated bike lane inbound from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center East Campus to The Fenway.
  • Between Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center East Campus and the Sears Rotary the bike lanes on both sides will be protected by a 2-foot striped buffer.
  • A bike box will be installed outbound on Brookline Avenue at Longwood Avenue to make it easier for cyclists to turn left onto Longwood Avenue. The bike box will be striped green and will allow cyclists to move from the bike lane to the left turn lane in front of stopped cars while the traffic light is red.


“In our academic and medical community, many commuters cycle to the LMA. Making Brookline Avenue safer for cyclists while enabling other travel modes, is a key priority for MASCO,” said Sarah Hamilton, Vice President of Area Planning and Development for MASCO.  “This has been a true public-private collaboration.”


The introduction of “Karma Commuting”, a safety campaign to support courteous and safe commuting in the area, will coincide with the installation of the bike lane.  Using the message, What Goes Around Comes Around, the campaign stresses that every pedestrian, driver and cyclist fulfills an important role in the LMA community, and by following the rules, everyone gets to their destination faster and more safely.  Karma Commuting aims to educate and inspire members of the LMA community to create good karma by acting responsibly in traffic and watching out for the fellow community members.


The Brookline Avenue bike lane design was funded by the Boston Transportation Department and Boston Bikes, while MASCO is funding project construction.



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