A Letter to Residents & Businesses Located in Impacted Boylston St. Area
Staggered Tuesday Schedule Announced for Reentry
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April 22, 2013
Mayor's Office of Constituent Services: 617-635-4500

Dear residents and business owners in impacted areas:

Mayor Thomas M. Menino has announced a staggered schedule for businesses and residents to begin returning to the impacted areas of Boylston Street.

While Boylston Street will remain closed to traffic and the general public, business owners and residents will be allowed to return to their places of business and homes tomorrow prior to the public’s return.

The City’s plan for business owners and residents will unfold in one-hour increments over the course of the day Tuesday.

The plan will be executed as follows:

  • Business owners and residents will meet at the Hynes Convention Center, in Exhibit Hall B. They are asked to enter the Hynes Convention Center via the Prudential Center mall entrances, as the Boylston Street entrances remain closed.  There will be signage and volunteers to help direct.
  • To assist with crowd issues, businesses are requested to only bring essential staff into the impacted area.
  • Businesses and residents are asked to arrive at the Hynes at the following times to check in.

    o       10:00 a.m.      Block between Hereford and Gloucester
    o       11:00 a.m.      Block between Gloucester and Fairfield
    o       12:00 noon      Block between Dartmouth and Clarendon
    o       1:00 p.m.        Block between Clarendon and Berkeley
    o       2:00 p.m.        Block between Exeter and Dartmouth
    o       3:00 p.m.        Block between Fairfield and Exeter
  • Following check-in, business owners and residents will be escorted to their sites by City staff wearing identification.  During the re-entry process, the City of Boston will be undertaking courtesy walkthroughs to help business owners identify any issues with which the City can help.

For residents and business owners unable to arrive at these times, the Hynes will be staffed by City personnel until 7:00 p.m.  As always, for other issues, please contact the Mayor’s Hotline at 617 635-4500.

The City will have counseling services and other assistance available on site at the Hynes.  In addition, the mobile City Hall truck will continue to serve as a Business Assistance Center throughout the week.

Out of respect for all of you, we will be asking media to remain outside of the barriers on Boylston Street, and outside of the Hynes Convention Center.

Back Bay Return Plan – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I can’t make the designated time for my block, can I enter later?

A: Yes.  Residents and businesses in affected blocks will not be allowed in earlier than their designated time, but access after the start time is possible through the Hynes Convention Center.  It will be open until 7:00pm.

Q: When will the site be fully open to the public, or when can I expect to reopen my business to the public? 

A: As of Monday evening 4/22, we do not have a time for public opening of Boylston St.  That decision depends in part on the ability of all buildings to make necessary repairs. 

Q: If I am the business owner and I cannot make it to the Hynes, may I send a representative? 

A: Yes.  Please bring proper identification. 

Q: Can I bring in trucks and heavy equipment? 

A: No personal or delivery vehicle access will be possible on Tuesday 4/23.  Please check with the representatives at the Hynes Convention Center for more information.  Commercial vehicles specifically involved in repairs and cleanup will be granted temporary access through the staff at the resource center at the Hynes and Boston Police Department. 

Q: Will I be able to stay in my home or business once I get there Tuesday?  How do I get in and out?

A: Yes.  Please bring proper identification.  With proper ID, you will be granted access in and out at designated access points. 

Additional questions:  Please call the Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline or visit the resource center at the Hynes Convention Center.  On Tuesday 4/23, it will be open from 10:00am until 7:00pm.


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