Metro: 4 people treated for possible hypothermia since Wednesday
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January 25, 2013
Jennifer Mehigan   Since yesterday, Boston Emergency Medical Services has treated at least four people who were suffering from possible hypothermia due to bitter cold temperatures.

"We did identify at least four transports (Wednesday) and overnight for persons exposed to the cold," said Boston EMS Spokeswoman Jen Mehigan. "When assessed by crews the patients' temperature was lower than normal, and they really needed to go inside and be treated for possible hypothermia."
Boston EMS reported "several" calls from bystanders since Wednesday regarding people being exposed to the elements.  Boston saw wind chills of -7 yesterday, and temperatures tonight are expected to hover around zero.

There were at least six 911 calls reporting homeless and improperly dressed people, Mehigan said. EMS crews, along with Boston Police and Emergency Shelters, responded to those reports to examine people for medical problems. If none were found, crews urged those individuals to go to a shelter.
"We would ask the public to continue and not hesitate and call 911 when they see homeless or people out in the cold who really should come inside. Working with the other city and local agencies, we have a system in place to deal when the temperature is too cold for people to safely be outside," Mehigan said.


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