"One Morning in Boston" Video Shows Need for Student Assignment Overhaul
Snapshot shows 1,193 students traveling 1,773 miles from one neighborhood to 64 different schools
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For Immediate Release
December 10, 2012
Released By:
Mayor's Office
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Mayor's Press Office

Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s Office of New Urban Mechanics today released a video depicting the morning commute of 1,193 K-8 Boston Public Schools students that live in the Bowdoin/Geneva neighborhood. The students travel from their neighborhood in the center of the City, to 64 schools in neighborhoods as far as Hyde Park and South Boston. 1,773 miles is the equivalent of the distance from Boston to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

“The real way to continue to lift our communities into opportunity is not to split them up, but to build them up,” Mayor Menino said. “This means investing in our schools and helping families attend quality schools closer to where they live.”

The video, available at http://bostonschoolchoice.org/, is being released as part of a continued public outreach effort by Mayor Menino’s office, demonstrating the need for an overhaul of the way Boston Public Schools students are currently assigned to schools.

“What we know is that our current school assignment system is not working well for all families in Boston,” said Boston Public Schools Superintendent Carol R. Johnson. “We have made significant progress in our work to improve quality at schools in every corner of our city. Now, to make our schools even stronger we need to be able bring communities together by allowing students the opportunity to attend school closer to home.”


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