Renew Boston Recognized for Outstanding Leadership in Energy
Program Serves Residents and Businesses with Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Incentives
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December 06, 2012
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Mayor's Office
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Mayor Menino’s Renew Boston program was recognized for Outstanding Leadership in Energy at the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance 30th Anniversary dinner held Tuesday evening. Each year at its annual meeting, the non-profit recognizes organizations that have contributed to making energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable in Massachusetts. Brian Swett, Chief of Environment and Energy, accepted the award.

“To succeed in our ambitious climate action strategy, we need our residents and businesses to do their part in embracing clean energy solutions,” Mayor Menino said. “Renew Boston provides them with a suite of resources to take the next step in greening their homes and businesses through energy efficiency and solar energy, work that creates local, green jobs in Boston.”

Mayor Menino announced Renew Boston in 2009 as a program to serve Boston residents and businesses with energy efficiency and alternative energy incentives. His goal was to create innovative public/private partnerships in order to achieve ambitious city-wide goals for saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and creating green jobs.

“Renew Boston is now an established and acclaimed program that will continue to work throughout Boston to bring low- and no-cost energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to residents and businesses,” Brian Swett said. “I look forward to continued innovation and expansion of this successful program so that it may continue to serve all Bostonians.”

Since Renew Boston was launched in early 2010, it has provided more than 14,000 energy assessments and has weatherized and insulated more than 3,000 homes and businesses. The program continues to grow and expand. For example, this summer Renew Boston delivered the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Solarize Mass program to Boston residents. As a result, 116 homes in Boston are now under contract to collectively install more than 522 kW of photo-voltaic capacity (solar energy). These installations will more than double the City’s installed solar capacity.

Renew Boston partners with utilities—Nstar and National Grid—to coordinate incentives in order to provide qualifying homes and businesses with no-cost energy audits and rebates for efficiency improvements. In 2010, Boston dedicated most of its funding from the City’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grant (EECBG), under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to Renew Boston. The Renew Boston program leveraged $4.8 million of the $6.5 million EECBG grant funding to expand upon the existing energy efficiency incentives and services for Boston residents and businesses. The no-cost energy efficiency improvements for residents were provided by Mass Energy Consumers Alliance and Next Step Living, a Boston-based energy services company.

For more information on how to participate in the program Boston residents can call (617) 635-SAVE or visit


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