Mayor Menino to Send Emergency Staff, Supplies, to Aid Relief Efforts in New York City
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For Immediate Release
November 02, 2012
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Mayor's Office
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Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced the City of Boston will send a team of City employees to New York City tomorrow to assist with relief efforts following Hurricane Sandy. Volunteers from the City’s Office of Emergency Management will fill logistics and planning positions at New York’s Emergency Operations Center, and Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF) employees will assist in running an emergency shelter. Boston Fire Department Deputy Commissioner Justin Brown has already traveled to New York to provide support. The group will remain in New York for seven to 14 days. The City will also provide three generators to the New York City Fire Department.  

 “We stand with our brothers and sisters in New York during this difficult time,” Mayor Menino said. “Boston was fortunate to be spared most of the damaging effects of Hurricane Sandy, and I’m so proud of our volunteers who are willing to put their own lives on hold and lend their expertise and services to those in need.”

This agreement results from ongoing conversations between City officials and New York’s Office of Emergency Management, as well as Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) requests. EMAC is a national interstate mutual aid agreement that enables states to share resources during times of disaster.

Employees volunteering from the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) are Ronald Bashista, Sean Grady, and Carmela Hinderaker. As Director of Planning and Preparedness, Ronald Bashista oversees all emergency planning activities and is responsible for ensuring the city is adequately prepared for all hazards. He coordinates emergency response from Boston’s Emergency Operations Center. Sean Grady is the Logistics Coordinator for OEM and manages all emergency equipment and resources for the city, deploying the equipment during large scale emergencies.  As Training and Exercise Coordinator, Carmela Hinderaker coordinates the city’s training and exercise programs to ensure state and federal compliance, as well as assisting in coordinating emergency response from the Boston Emergency Operations Center.

Ten certified shelter managers from BCYF will be assigned to run a shelter upon arrival in NYC. Additional languages spoken by the BCYF volunteers are Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Tagalog. The group will monitor and maintain safety in the shelter, as well as assist shelter residents with day-to-day needs.  


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