Mayor Menino Kicks-Off Operation Safe Delivery
Delivery Driver Safety Initiative to Train City’s Delivery Drivers and Restaurant Managers How to Keep Safe When Working
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May 31, 2011
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Today, joined by a group of delivery drivers and restaurant managers as well as Boston Police Department (BPD) Commissioner Edward Davis, Mayor Thomas M. Menino kicked-off Operation Safe Delivery, a delivery driver safety initiative to train drivers how to stay safe while working.  The City will continue to work with restaurant managers and delivery drivers to schedule additional training sessions in City neighborhoods, as needed.

“I have a message for the criminals out there: we are a step ahead of you and we will not tolerate this type of behavior in our city,” Mayor Menino said. “Today is all about making sure everyone knows how to stay safe but I won’t be satisfied until all delivery drivers can operate without the fear of violence and crime. We must keep working together to protect our drivers so they can carry out their jobs safely.”

Last September, pizza delivery driver Richel Nova was robbed and murdered when making a delivery in Hyde Park. At the request of the Mayor, representatives from the Mayor’s Office and BPD worked together to organize a safety event for delivery drivers from local takeout restaurants. The team behind the effort has researched safety information and materials from police departments around the country and solicited advice from heads of safety and security at large national takeout chains.

“Securing the safety of all of those who live, work and visit Boston is Boston Police Department’s top priority,” Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said. “Teaming up with Mayor Menino for Operation Safe Delivery, we have created a comprehensive safety plan for delivery drivers. The Boston Police Department asks drivers to take a more proactive stance and be alert during deliveries, to pay attention to the nature of the phone calls as well as to any other suspicious activity. And, if drivers suspect anything out of the ordinary they are encouraged to call 911 prior to the delivery.” 

BPD Community Service Officers from all districts invited store owners and delivery drivers to attend today’s event that aims to be:

  • A forum to circulate safety tips broadly to store managers and delivery drivers;
  • A good-faith demonstration of the mayor’s commitment to protecting its citizens and local businesses;
  • A constructive response to recent crimes against drivers;
  • A message of “no competition when it comes to safety” that encourages communication between area businesses about any incidents or problem addresses.

Attendees of the event will also be provided with various safety materials to place inside their restaurants as reminders of proper procedures to stay safe including:

  • Refusing orders from unknown numbers;
  • Recording all delivery orders;
  • Encouraging drivers to make regular cash drops;
  • Keeping vehicles locked at all times;
  • Never walking behind a dark building;
  • And not showing money during transactions.


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Mayor Menino addresses the audience as Police Commissioner Davis looks on


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