Mayor Menino Announces Winners of the 5th Annual Mayor's Green Awards
4 residents, 12 businesses and 2 sustainable food leaders recognized for outstanding commitment to sustainability
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April 15, 2011
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Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced the winners of the 5th Annual Mayor’s Green Awards, recognizing local business, residents and sustainable food leaders for doing their part to make Boston a greener, more sustainable, and livable city.  This year’s awards include a new category, the Sustainable Food Leadership Award, highlighting efforts to help advance the City’s commitment to providing healthy and sustainable food for all residents.  The 2011 Green Awards were presented by Mayor Menino to 4 residents, 12 businesses and 2 sustainable food leaders at a ceremony at Boston Properties’ Atlantic Wharf, one of Boston’s newest green buildings.

“I continue to be impressed by the commitment and creativity of the businesses and residents who are working to green our city,” Mayor Menino said.  “Each of these winners demonstrates every day how we can improve environmental quality while at the same time bringing growth and prosperity to our neighborhoods. Their examples prove that individual efforts can create real and lasting change in our environment.”

The award ceremony for Mayor Menino’s 5th Annual Green Awards was hosted by Mayor Menino and the Mayor’s Office of Environmental and Energy Services.  Several local businesses known for their sustainable practices contributed to further “greening” the event.  Boston Properties provided the event space at Atlantic Wharf, their newest green building.  Boloco, a 2010 Green Business Award Winner, provided light lunch fare for attendees, and Chive Events, a sustainable catering company, provided locally produced beverages as well as on-site recycling and composting services.  Mass Energy Consumers Alliance matched the electricity used at the event with local clean wind power through the organization’s New England Wind Fund, the only tax deductible clean energy option in Massachusetts that is available to all residents and businesses.

“These local leaders in sustainability demonstrate that even small actions can have a larger impact on a city such as Boston,” said Jim Hunt, Chief of Environment and Energy. “Mayor Menino’s Green Awards honor a very impressive group of businesses and residents committed to improving our environment and the quality of life in our community.”

Green Residential Award Recipients

The Mayor's Green Residential Awards recognize residents and local organizations in Boston that are committed to sustainable living. Winners in this category demonstrate exemplary sustainable practices in their community and in their homes.

GreeningRozzie Organization – Roslindale
GreeningRozzie, recipient of the Climate Leader Award, is a resident-run community group dedicated to creating a cleaner and greener Roslindale through grassroots actions that include a variety of information and educational projects on renewable energy, home energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and local food production.  GreeningRozzie is leading the way in working with residents to sign up for the City’s Renew Boston energy audit and weatherization program.

Mark and Etta Rosen – South End
The Green Roof award was given to Mark and Etta Rosen of the South End for the green roof installed on their LEED-certified home.  The roof helps to minimize the heat island effect, reduces cooling costs, increases the effectiveness of a rooftop solar panel and extends the life of the roof.

Andree Collier and Ken Ward, JP Greenhouse – Jamaica Plain
The Green Home Conservation/Renovation Award was given to Andree Collier and Ken Ward for their multi-faceted renovation of a vacant store at 133 Bourne Street in Jamaica Plain.  It serves as a demonstration home for sustainable living.  The renovation includes passive solar design, super insulation, recycled materials, triple-glazed windows, a heat transfer ventilation system, and an air-to-water heat pump for hot water.

David Andrew Trust – Beacon Hill
David Andrew Trust was the recipient of the Waste Reduction Award for the extensive re-use and recycling of deconstructed materials and demolition waste from the gut rehabilitation of a home on Beacon Hill.  The Boston Materials Resource Center was the recipient of hardwood flooring, lighting and plumbing materials.  Wood from framing and the building interior was chipped for use as a fuel source.  These efforts reduced the amount of material sent to a landfill or incinerator.

Nancy Grilk, Special Recognition for Public and Personal Service to City of Boston/Environmental and Energy Services – Allston/Brighton
Nancy Grilk has been a longstanding employee of City government, including 10 years of service in the Office of Environmental and Energy Services.  In her years of service she has been dedicated to protecting and preserving Boston’s environmental quality and natural resources, worked on establishing a program for energy efficiency upgrades for residents, increased accessibility and education on the Boston Harbor islands, and championed programs that allow Boston’s youth to engage with the environment—to name just a few.  In her personal life, Nancy volunteers in her Allston-Brighton neighborhood at a community garden and helps to organize Boston Shines events with her neighbors.

Green Business Award Recipients

The Mayor’s Green Business Awards recognizes local businesses in Boston that demonstrate extraordinary performance related to sustainable environmental practices.  Businesses may apply in the categories of commercial, industrial, non-profit and academic, cultural and healthcare institutions.

A Better City – Boston
A Better City (ABC) works with the business community, civic organizations and government to advance significant transportation, land development and environmental policies, projects and initiatives.  Through Boston Buying Power, ABC purchases wind renewable energy credits to offset 100% of its annual electricity usage.  It also buys Carbon Offsets for 100% of employee commutes and other travel.

ADD, Inc. – South Boston
ADD, Inc. is an architectural and design firm in the South Boston Seaport that offers sustainable design consulting services.  It designed and renovated its offices to LEED Commercial Interiors standards, receiving Platinum certification.  These new offices use 54% less energy than ADD Inc.’s prior offices.  ADD Inc. has committed to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Challenge which targets a 70% reduction in the fossil fuel energy consumption of buildings by 2015 and carbon-neutral buildings by 2030.

Blue Tierra Chocolate Café – South Boston
As a new small business in South Boston, Blue Tierra has taken considerable steps toward sustainability.  Blue Tierra is working with the Sustainable Business Leader Program and has conducted an energy audit.  The café uses compostable to-go ware, cups, straws and napkins, and drinks in the café are served in reclaimed china.  Dishes are cleaned using a heat-sanitizing dishwasher and only all-natural, chemical-free cleaning agents are used in the store.

Museum of Science – Boston
An Environmental Sustainability and Green Building Committee at the Museum of Science has been established to reduce energy consumption and the museum’s environmental impact.  An independent energy audit has been conducted and performance contracting has resulted in 17 Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) that are under development and installation.  A program to increase employee and patron recycling has resulted in a reduction in 120 tons of waste in two years.  Organics recycling increased by 37 tons during the same period.

Northeastern University – East Fenway
Northeastern University in Boston’s East Fenway neighborhood has developed a multi-dimensional sustainability strategy, including a January 2010 Climate Action Plan and the identification of short and long-term plans leading to carbon neutrality.  As a signatory to the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), Northeastern has committed to eliminating net greenhouse gas emissions from specified campus operations and to promoting the research and educational efforts of higher education to equip society to re-stabilize the earth’s climate.

Nutter McClennen and Fish – South Boston
The South Boston Seaport law firm Nutter McClennen and Fish obtained an energy audit for its offices and instituted energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction strategies, including an annual audit of its waste stream.  Nutter coordinates sustainability efforts with building management, has a designated sustainability officer, conducts bi-annual sustainability surveys and has created for employees a green policies and procedures manual.

Seaport Hotel – South Boston
The Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center, a recipient of a Green Business Award in 2007, has expanded its commitment to sustainability.  Renewable energy credits are purchased to offset the annual electricity used by all 428 guest rooms, 13 guest floors and 4 guest elevators at the hotel.  The hotel is enrolled in DemandSMART, a program under which it agrees to reduce energy usage in order to prevent a brownout or blackout during a peak energy demand situation.  In addition, the Seaport Hotel uses an industrial Eco Wiz composter that turns inedible foods, such as eggshells, and unfinished meals into a compost material for use in its gardens and by employees for home use. – South End
This Boston-based company, located in the South End, uses its Web site, mobile app, local events, homes, schools and partnerships to internationally advance the swap movement, known as collaborative consumption.  One million online members have traded 10.7 million pounds of goods since early 2010.  Offline fashion swap events keep wearable clothing in circulation with un-swapped clothes donated to Goodwill International.

Urban AdvenTours – North End
Urban Adventours on the North End waterfront provides eight standard bike tours such as Bikes at Night and to areas such as Fenway Park and along Charles River to Boston Harbor.  It rents bicycles to residents and visitors, providing delivery when needed in a 1987 postal delivery van powered by recycled vegetable oil.  Riders are given water in BPH bottles that are washed and reused.  During the winter of 2010, Urban Adventours joined the Sustainable Business Leader program and conducted an energy audit of its facilities with NSTAR and National Grid.

Toro Resturant – South End

This restaurant featuring Spanish tapas located has taken many steps to green both their food service practice and their space on Washington Street in the South End.  They have increased efficiency of their refrigeration system and drastically reduced energy use by installing energy efficient lighting.  They have reduced through a composting program and sell their fryer oil as biofuel.

Urban Edge Housing Corporation – Roxbury
Since 1974, Urban Edge has worked to create and maintain healthy, affordable and vibrant communities in Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and surrounding neighborhoods.  This Roxbury community development corporation has constructed new housing, renovated existing housing developments and preserved and redeveloped the historic former Egleston Power to LEED standards for use by Boston Neighborhood Network.  Urban Edge has used photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal hot water and a ground-source geothermal heating and cooling system in recent projects and continues to expand its commitment to sustainability.

ZeroEnergy Design – West End
ZeroEnergy Design is a green architecture and mechanical design firm that works on new construction and major renovations of green home projects.  It provides energy consulting & HVAC design to achieve exceptional energy performance.  For full design projects, ZeroEnergy Design has committed to a minimum energy performance 50 percent better than code requirements.  It has partnered with a consulting firm with expertise in environmental health, healthy housing, green building and indoor air quality to develop the Healthy Living Resident Engagement training to engage residents of multi-family affordable housing in energy conservation, water conservation, recycling and the minimization of allergens and toxics in the home.

2011 Sustainable Food Leader Recipients

The sustainable food awards were given to businesses that demonstrate extraordinary efforts to provide the freshest, local food in the most sustainable manner.

Boston Organics – Charlestown
Boston Organics of Charlestown, winner of a Sustainable Food Leadership award, delivers fresh, organic, seasonal produce to households in and around Boston.  Produce is procured as close to Boston as possible and can be delivered to your home or office.  Boston Organics donates leftover produce to Food for Free.

The Rox Diner – West Roxbury
The owners of the Rox Diner in West Roxbury are committed to buying local food, purchasing bread in Roslindale and muffins in West Roxbury.  Produce is purchased at farmer’s markets and Allandale Farm.  Cooking oil is recycled through a local company that converts it to biofuel and part of the profits donated to local education.



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