Mayor Menino Announces Boston Population Continues to Grow
U.S. Census Bureau releases 2010 data, confirms Boston’s population increases nearly 5% to 617,594, Boston minority population grows to 53%
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March 22, 2011
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The U.S. Census Bureau today announced that Boston’s population continues to grow.  According to 2010 Census numbers released today, the City of Boston population is 617,594 residents, a 4.8% increase over the 2000 census or 28,453 people.  This marks the first time since the 1970s that Boston’s population exceeded 600,000.  The 2000 census counted the City’s population at 589,141, growing 2.6% from 1990 to 2000.  The U.S. Census Bureau data is extremely important for the City of Boston, as it affects congressional representation and the allocation of federal government funding which provides critical services to the residents of Boston.

“I am proud to see Boston’s population continue to grow,” Mayor Menino said.  “Our City continues to be a vibrant and attractive place live, work and raise a family.  As we continue to innovate and bring new jobs to our City and work to provide opportunities for families, I am confident Boston will continue to grow and thrive.”

Boston continues to be a majority minority city with 53% of the population non-white or Hispanic and 47% white non-Hispanic. In 2000 Boston’s majority status was 51% to 49%. 

More Facts about Boston’s Performance during the Decade:

  • Since 2000 Boston issued permits for 19,070 units of housing 5,468 of which are affordable.
  • Since 2000 Boston added 29 dormitories and nearly 11,000 dormitory beds, an increase of 39%.
  • During the decade Boston completed 11 non-residential higher-education projects with a total of 655,400 square feet of building space.
  • Boston added 9.8 million square feet of office space to its stock.
  • Boston has built 4,970 hotel rooms (35%) with the addition of world class hotels such as The Mandarin, Westin Waterfront, Renaissance Hotel, The Liberty Hotel and the Intercontinental.
  • University student enrollment in the city grew by 16,559 students or 12.3% compared to 2000.
  • During the decade, Boston received $16.6 billion in National Institute of Health (NIH) grants.


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