Mayor Menino Joins Bipartisan, National Infrastructure Coalition
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September 10, 2010
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Mayor's Office
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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA), Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), and Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-NYC), co-chairs of Building America’s Future, announced today that Mayor Thomas M. Menino has joined its bipartisan and national infrastructure coalition comprised of state and locally elected officials to help secure a renewed federal commitment to infrastructure.

The announcement comes days after President Obama’s release of a robust and reformed transportation infrastructure plan that focuses on creating a National Infrastructure Bank and repairing and modernizing America’s roads, railways and runways.

“From our city’s ambitious green initiatives to our innovative Complete Streets policy, smart infrastructure investment can improve economic vitality and increase safety and quality of life,” said Mayor Thomas M. Menino. “I believe a National Infrastructure Bank is exactly the kind of new thinking needed to overcome the obstacles of financing new infrastructure. I’ve joined Building America’s Future because I share their vision and commitment to repair, maintain, and modernize our nation's infrastructure. I look forward to working with the members nationwide to make that vision a reality.”

“We welcome Mayor Menino and look forward to working with him as we continue to ensure that infrastructure funding is treated like the national priority it should be,” said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA).  “No one wants their child in portable classrooms, or stuck in traffic rather than at home with their families.  Infrastructure has a direct link to our quality of life, and Americans deserve it to be safe, efficient and modern.”

“As mayors and governors, we see first-hand the success and failure of federal infrastructure investment,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-NYC). “History has taught us that failing to invest in our infrastructure is akin to walking away from our future. It is not just about investing more money; it’s about investing it in the right places in an efficient and accountable way. ”

“Polls show almost unanimous support for infrastructure investment, regardless of political or geographic lines,” said Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA). “But Americans are tired of wasteful spending that does nothing to increase the safety or economic vitality of their communities. Faced with shrinking revenues and budget deficits, creating entities like the National Infrastructure Bank can help cities and states provide the high quality of life our citizens deserve. It will also help to ensure that regional and national projects of importance are financed based on merit, rather than politics. We look forward to working with all of our members to help guarantee that infrastructure investment be spent wisely and effectively.”

Local Infrastructure Facts:

  • 588 bridges in Massachusetts, many located in the Boston area, are "structurally deficient," the same classification as the Minnesota bridge that collapsed into the Mississippi River, killing at least five people. (Federal Highway Administration)


  • The Boston-Cambridge-Quincy MA-NH market has the 8th worst traffic congestion in the nation. (

 Building America’s Future is dedicated to smart infrastructure investment – energy systems, roads and bridges, mass transit, water and sewer systems, rail, ports, airports, levees and dams, schools and housing – to enhance the quality of life and safety of our communities, create jobs and economic growth, and promote energy independence. 




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