BTD Begins Bike Lane Enforcement
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September 24, 2009
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Tracey Ganiatsos

The Boston Transportation Department has begun enforcing a new parking regulation designed to prohibit motor vehicles from parking in bicycle lanes, giving cyclists exclusive use of these lanes in the city. The new regulation supports the City of Boston's efforts to adopt the "Share the Road" approach to street design, which includes installing bike lanes adjacent to vehicular travel lanes on Boston's roadways.

Transportation Commissioner Thomas J. Tinlin said, "Hundreds of thousands of people travel into and around Boston each day on trains, buses and boats, and others choose to walk. In recent years, bikes have become yet another popular transportation alternative in the city, and one that reduces the number of cars driving around Boston, helping to lessen traffic congestion and improve air quality."

"The bike lane regulation is an important step toward welcoming bicycles into Boston's established transportation structure" he added. "If we support the use of bikes in the city, then it is important that provisions are made to provide cyclists with safe passage. Vehicles parked in bike lanes force cyclists to merge into traffic presenting serious public safety hazards."

The regulation states that no driver shall stand or park any motor vehicle in a marked bike or shared bike lane in the City of Boston. Vehicles parked in violation of the new regulation shall be subject to a ticket carrying a $100 fine and a $33 penalty if the fine remains unpaid after 21 days. The Boston Transportation Department and the Boston Police Department have the authority to enforce the regulation under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws c.90, s.20A1/2, and both agencies also have the authority to impound any motor vehicle parked in violation.

The City of Boston has installed bike lanes or shared lanes at the following locations:

American Legion Highway
Beacon Street, Allston, near the Chestnut Hill Reservoir
Bennington Street, East Boston
Columbus Avenue, South End
Commonwealth Avenue, from the west to Kenmore Square
North Harvard Street, Allston

Boston's goal is to add ten additional miles of bike lanes each year. Currently, plans are underway to extend the Commonwealth Avenue bike lane from Kenmore Square to Arlington Street, and the city has design plans pending with state and federal transportation officials that will provide for incorporating a designated bike lane on Massachusetts Avenue as part of its reconstruction which has just recently begun.

The Boston Transportation Department is making every effort to ensure that the loss of parking is kept to a minimum and that resident parking options are not effected.


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