Mayor Menino's First Green Business Awards
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February 06, 2007
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Mayor Menino Announces First Annual Green Awards

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Last month, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced the first annual Boston Green Business Awards and Boston Green Residential Awards. Mayor Menino and the City of Boston want to recognize businesses and residents who are leaders in sustainability and environmental awareness.

"It is my hope that these awards will encourage Boston businesses and residents to engage in environmentally sustainable practices, learn more about such practices and initiate their own sustainability efforts and programs," Mayor Menino said.

Mayor Menino's Green Business Awards will honor businesses in Boston that perform exemplary sustainable business practices in their day to day operations. Awards will be given to both small and large businesses in three categories: Green Business Practices, Green Business Products and Green Business Services.

The Green Residential Awards will honor residents in Boston who are committed to sustainable living. Mayor Menino will recognize residents of the City of Boston who demonstrate exemplary sustainable practices in their community and in their homes. Awards will be presented to residents in five categories: Community Leadership in Energy and Climate Protection, Waste Reduction/Pollution Prevention, Sustainable Construction/Renovation, Energy and Water Conservation, and Sustainable Landscape/Green Roof.

The city invites the nomination of businesses and residents for these Green Awards. Nomination forms should be submitted by February 28, 2007. The winners of the City of Boston Green Business Awards and Boston Green Residential Awards competition will be announced by Mayor Menino in a ceremony in April 2007. The Mayor's Green Awards program recognizes that citizens and business owners play an important role in advancing the city's sustainability agenda. Last year Boston was recognized as the 7th most sustainable city in the nation by SustainLane, a national organization advancing cross-sector sustainable development for state and local government. The city has implemented numerous sustainability initiatives under Mayor Menino's leadership, including:

Green Buildings: Boston is the first major city in the nation to require, as part of the large project review (Article 80 of the zoning code), adherence to the US Green Building Council's LEED standards;

Green Power: the city procures 11.7% of its electricity load from renewable sources, representing the largest municipal purchase of electricity in New England;

Clean vehicles: the city has implemented a new vehicle procurement policy requiring the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles, including hybrids, or a vehicle of similar fuel economy;

Clean Fuel: the city recently purchased 650,000 gallons of biodiesel fuel for use in all of its heavy equipment and diesel vehicles, thereby reducing emissions by 12-17%;

Energy Efficiency: the city is undergoing a major overhaul of existing city-owned facilities to reduce energy consumption, including retrofitting traffic signals to LED's which are 90% more efficient than traditional bulbs, installing solar panels at schools, and investing $6 million in energy conservation measures at city owned facilities.

Additional information or nomination forms for the Green Business Awards can be obtained from:

•The City's website


•BRA's Back Street Hotline at (617)918-4400

•Susan Labandibar from the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston at or at (617)269-0299

For additional information or nomination forms for Green Residential Awards contact Nancy Grilk at (617)635-3425 or at



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