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For Immediate Release
June 19, 2003
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Office of Media Relations

The Boston Police Department has investigated the incident of July 2, 2002, in which Detective Charles Daly and Officers Thomas Sullivan and Daran Edwards discharged their weapons, killing LaVeta Jackson. The Department has concluded that the actions of the officers were lawful, and were necessary to protect themselves against the likely infliction of serious injury or death. These actions were also in full compliance with the rules, procedures and training of the Boston Police Department.

The investigation found that the officers, responding to a report that a woman (armed with a knife) may have harmed her children, entered the basement of the Jackson home and found the bodies of two children. As the officers attempted to secure the basement area, they were suddenly attacked by Ms. Jackson, wielding the weapon with which she had killed her son and daughter. The officers were faced with an immediate, unprovoked, and deadly attack, were without means of escape or cover from that attack, and used the amount of force necessary to protect themselves.

This is a tragedy for the Jackson family, and has been difficult for the officers involved in this incident.


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