Licensing and Public Information Request Fees

(All fees are subject to change)

Billiards/Pool Tables/Sippio Licenses$50.00 base fee + $30.00 per table
Bowling Alley Licenses$80.00 base fee + $40.00 per alley
Club Licenses:
Club All Alcohol$2,800.00
Club All Alcohol Restricted$2,800.00
Club All Alcohol War Veteran$2,800.00
Club All Alcohol Airport$2,800.00
Club Malt & Wine$1,700.00
Club Malt & Wine Restricted$1,700.00
Club Malt & Wine Airport$1,700.00
Club Malt, Wine & Liqueur$2,000.00
Club Malt, Wine & Liqueur Restricted$2,000.00
Club Malt, Wine & Liqueur Airport$2,000.00
Common Victualler ("CV") Licenses:
CV$100.00 + capacity fee/take-out fee
Capacity Fee$1.00/person
($500.00 maximum charge)
Take Out Fee$110.00
Common Victualler ("CV") Alcohol Licenses:
CV 7-Day All Alcohol$2,800.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day All Alcohol Restricted$2,800.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day All Alcohol Airport$2,800.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day Malt & Wine$1,800.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day Malt & Wine Restricted$1,800.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day Malt & Wine Airport$1,800.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day Malt, Wine & Liqueur$2,100.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day Malt, Wine & Liqueur Restricted$2,100.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV 7-Day Malt, Wines & Liqueur Airport $2,100.00 + CV fee + capacity fee
CV Fee$100.00
Capacity Fee$1.00/person
($500.00 maximum charge)
Druggist License$800.00
Farmer Brewery License$1,800.00
Farmer Winery License$1,800.00
Fortune Teller License$50.00
General on Premise (“GOP”) Licenses:
GOP All Alcohol$3,500.00
GOP All Alcohol Restricted$3,500.00
GOP All Alcohol Airport$3,500.00
GOP Malt & Wine$1,900.00
GOP Malt & Wine Restricted$1,900.00
GOP Malt & Wine Airport$1,900.00
GOP Malt, Wine & Liqueur$2,200.00
GOP Malt, Wine & Liqueur Restricted$2,200.00
GOP Malt, Wine & Liqueur Airport$2,200.00
Innholder Licenses:
Innholder (w/out alcohol)$1,100.00
Innholder All Alcohol$5,600.00
Innholder All Alcohol Restricted$5,600.00
Innholder Malt & Wine$1,900.00
Innholder Malt & Wine Restricted$1,900.00
Innholder Malt, Wine & Liqueur$2,200.00
Innholder Malt, Wine & Liqueur Restricted$2,200.00
Lodging Houses (Fraternity/Sorority/Dormitory) Licenses:
0-9 Rooms$75.00
10-19 Rooms$150.00
20-29 Rooms$225.00
30-39 Rooms$300.00
Over 39 Rooms$300.00
Retail Package Store Licenses:
Retail All Alcohol$2,500.00
Retail Malt & Wine$1,500.00
Special Annual/One Day Licenses:
Special One Day All Alcohol$150.00
Special One Day Malt & Wine$75.00
Tavern Licenses$1,700.00

Public Records Request Fees

All fees are subject to change.

Photocopy(ies)$0.20 per page
Computer printout$0.50 per page
Certification of Documents$10.00
Tape reproduction$15.00 per hearing/matter

* The Board reserves its rights under the law to also charge a search and segregation time fee.