Licensing Board Hearings

All hearings are open to the public. 

Types of Hearings

Tuesdays - Violation Hearings

Tuesday Hearings concern alleged violations committed by a licensee, the Board will hear from the police officers, any victims, witness to the alleged violation(s) and the licensee. 

Wednesdays - Business Transaction Hearings

Wednesday Hearings concern petitions made by the licensee, the Board will hear from the petitioner and/or licensee, and any witnesses, community members, abutters, neighborhood associations, and governmental representatives who wish to speak in favor or opposition to the petition. 

Thursdays - Voting Session

During Thursday "Open Executive Meetings," the Board deliberates and votes on all matters presented to it that week.  Although the meeting is open to the public, the Board does not accept any testimony. 


The hearing list or agenda for a particular day is available at least 48 hours prior on the Licensing Board Calendar

Testifying at a Hearing

Acceptance of testimony is contingent upon the matter on the agenda.

Tuesday Hearings

For violation hearings, the Licensing Board accepts only testimony of witnesses to (or victims of) the alleged violation.  That testimony can be delivered in the following ways:

Wednesday Hearings

On Wednesdays, any person can testify with regard to their opposition or support to a particular request/petition made by a licensee.  Testimony can be delivered in the following ways: