Special One-Day Alcoholic Beverages License Application Insctructions

Revised 2/2014

  • $150.00/day for an All-Alcoholic Beverages License

  • $75.00/day for a Malt and Wine Beverages License.

NOTE: If the License is granted for 30 consecutive days, the fee is a total of $250.00 for an All-Alcoholic Beverages License and $175.00 for a Malt and Wine Beverages License. You can pay with cash, check, credit or debit card when the license is issued and picked up.

Special Requirements
  1. All applications must be received by the Monday 2 weeks preceding the event to comply with the law. Original application with original signatures must be submitted.

  2. Prior to submitting the application to the Board for its approval, you must have the District Police Station complete the police acknowledgement portion of the application.

  3. Non-Profit organizations may apply for any type of license (All Alcohol or Malt and Wine). Non-profit organizations may be required to show proof of non-profit status.

  4. All profit making enterprises may only apply for a Malt and Wine license, unless holding a not-for-profit event. Applicants hosting a not-for-profit event seeking an All Alcohol license may be required to submit additional information as to the type of event.

  5. Certificates of Inspection must be presented for premises where the Board has not typically placed a license in the past. If event is in space owned by a public/governmental entity, you may have to provide proof of authority to use the space and serve alcohol therein.

  6. All persons issued a Special License must purchase the alcohol from a wholesaler licensed pursuant to G. L. c. 138, §§ 18, 19, 19B, or 19C, or from a holder of a special permit to sell issued under G. L. c. 138, § 22A.  You cannot obtain the alcohol from a package store and cannot have the alcohol donated to you unless you were granted a Charity Wine/Auction license.

    View List of Approved Sellers

  7. If the license is granted, you must, prior to the event date, pick up the license, pay for it, and on the date of the event, post it conspicuously at the event location.  You are subject to and must follow the Laws & Rules as any other licensee under G. L. c. 138.  You may be subject to discipline or the denial of any future applications if you fail to comply with the Laws/Rules. 

Additional Requirements For Charity Wine Auction Or Wine Tasting
  1. Application and all documents MUST be submitted 4 weeks before the event as ABCC approval is necessary. 

  2. Must provide the following documents:

    • Articles of Incorporation (must be registered as a Massachusetts Corporation);

    • Certificate of Exemption;

    • Certificate of Good Standing;

    • Certificate of Solicitation;

    • Floor Plan;

    • Cover letter from place where event will occur disclosing the type of event, date and time of event, number of people attending, and security plan; and

    • Completed ABCC Application