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Site Cleanliness

The Site Cleanliness Ordinance regulates the overflow of all dumpsters, wind-blown litter, and rodent activity that occurs as a result of poor refuse maintenance practices. Its ultimate goal is to encourage and establish clear property management standards which will positively impact the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Business and residential properties must apply for and secure a Site Cleanliness License from The Inspectional Services Department.


Applicable to every bulk refuse container (dumpster) or grease trap whether commercial or residential (not limited to food and beverage establishments); all automotive establishments; and all bulk refuse container storage lots.

Requirements & Fees

The fee for a Site Cleanliness License is $50. The complete application must incude:

  • Site Cleanliness Application
  • A site plan indicating the location of the dumpster and its proximity to abutting properties or public ways;
  • The location of any required fencing or screening;
  • A maintenance plan and schedule;
  • A solid waste proposal plan including a copy of the solid waste disposal contract;
  • A rodent/pest control contract;
  • And a license from Department of Public Works only if the dumpster is on a public way.
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Complete applications may be submitted by mail or in person to:

Inspectional Services Department
1010 Massachusetts Avenue, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02118
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Operating or maintaining a bulk refuse container without a license or failing to operate or maintain a licensed dumpster or site in accordance with the terms of an issued license is a violation of the Site Cleanliness Ordinance.


Penalties for violating the Site Cleanliness Ordinance may result in fines of up to $1000 per day and/or closure of the business for repeated violations. Fines issued only after third notice of violation so the first two notices can be used to educate people on proper compliance.

Hours & Directions

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    ISD offices are located at 1010 Massachusetts Ave.

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