Auto Shop Inspection

The Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD) enforces the Auto Shop Ordinance by inspecting all auto body shops, auto repair shops, and automotive sales establishments.

The Auto Shop Team ensures these establishments are operating in accordance with all applicable codes.

A Letter from the Assistant Commissioner

The City of Boston is in the process of inspecting the various auto establishments in Boston and focusing on the implementation of the Auto Shops ordinance. Mayor Thomas M. Menino has sponsored this ordinance in order to ensure the proper operation of the various auto repair, auto body, and automotive sales establishments (“auto shops”) in neighborhoods across the city. There are a number of quality of life issues that can arise from auto shops and affect the day to day conditions in our neighborhoods.

For that reason, the administration felt an obligation to further educate and regulate auto shops. This ordinance in conjunction with the Public Health Commission Safe Shops project will provide a mutual benefit for the city and auto shop operators. City officials will provide additional information on the Safe Shops project including proper operation of these businesses, important safety measures, and new EPA air regulations. The goal of the ordinance is to educate and correct improper behavior within the industry as well as lessen the impact on the surrounding neighborhood.
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The licenses to operate the Auto establishments will be set at $100 with a progressive fine structure for non-compliance. City inspectors will work with auto shop owners to educate, motivate, and assist in ensuring that their shops are in compliance and will be available to answer any and all questions concerning the ordinance.

This program is critical to the safety and well-being of not only shop operators, but the general public. Please feel free to contact 617-961-3422 with any questions or concerns regarding the licensing or the ordinance in general.
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Leo Boucher
Assistant Commissioner

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