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Homeowner Responsibilities

Delivery of Standards for Dwelling Units

In compliance with the City of Boston Ordinance (CBC 9.13), CBC 9-1.4, and the State Sanitary Code, rental property must be delivered to new tenants in a clean, safe and sanitary condition.

If a violation is issued, homeowners may make a written request for an Administrative Hearing.

Minimum Rental Requirements:

Clean and Sanitary
The common areas and interior of the dwelling must be in a clean and sanitary condition: free of garbage, rubbish, or other filth or causes of sickness, at the time of delivery to a new tenant.

Posting of Ownership Information
Property owners or managers of rental units who do not reside in the building, must post their contact information such as: name, address and current, active telephone number (post office box addresses are not allowed).  

Smoke Detectors
All units must be equipped with working smoke detectors. Property owners must maintain smoke detectors in or adjacent to sleeping areas as required by the regulations of the State Board of Fire Prevention. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors 
The property owner must provide and maintain functioning carbon monoxide detectors. 

Prior to renting, units must be delivered free of conditions which may endanger or materially impair the health or safety and well being of occupant(s).

These conditions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Failure to provide heat (if heat is included)

  2. Failure to provide adequate exits

  3. Failure to provide a toilet

  4. The existence of structural or other defects that may expose the occupant or anyone else to fire, burns, shock, accident or other dangers or impairments to one's well being.  

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