Asthma (150)

Breathe Easy at Home

A program designed to improve access and communication between medical homes for children with asthma, public health agencies and housing agencies within the City of Boston.


Breathe Easy at Home was developed to ensure that inspections--and follow-up inspections--are performed quickly to resolve substandard conditions.

Through this shared website, doctors, nurses or other health professionals can refer patients with asthma for housing inspections if they suspect substandard housing conditions may be triggering a child's asthma in their home.

Note: Breathe Easy is not a relocation program. We try to ensure the best possible living conditions, so that tenants can remain where they are!


The program is a collaboration effort among several city agencies, including:

  • Inspectional Services Department's Housing Inspection Division
  • Boston Medical Center
  • Boston Public Health Commission
  • Boston Urban Asthma Coalition
  • Bowdoin St. Neighborhood Health Center
  • Asthma Regional Council of New England


The presence of cockroaches, mice or mold or moisture problems can cause serious issues for some children with asthma.


To contact the Breathe Easy at Home Coordinator, please call 617-534-2485 or email

Provider Referrals

In order to make a referral to Breathe Easy at Home, health institutions must register. If your facility is already registered, you may log in below. User Guides on the process can be downloaded under "Provider Forms."


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