Bathroom (150)

Room Requirements - Bathrooms

Below is a summarized list of sanitation requirements that are most commonly violated.
Full State Sanitary Code


Must Have:

  • Toilet with seat, bathtub or shower, and a washbasin in a room not used for living, cooking, eating, or sleeping purposes. If the washbasin cannot be installed in the room, it may be hung adjacent to the bathroom. The kitchen sink does not fulfill this requirement.

  • One electric light fixture.

  • Floor must be smooth, non-absorbent, non-corrosive and easily cleanable.

  • Walls must be smooth, non-corrosive, easily cleanable and watertight to a height of 48 inches from the floor and 6 feet in a shower stall or built in bathtub with installed showerheads.

  • A door capable of being closed for privacy.

  • Either a window open-able to 4% of the floor area or a mechanical ventilation system that provides 5 air changes/hour. Mechanical ventilation systems must have an easily accessible shut-off switch or volume control.

  • Fixtures properly connected to water distribution and sanitary sewerage systems. Water must be provided at sufficient pressure and temperature. Hot water must be provided at a temperature range of 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Bathroom must be accessible from within the building, and not require passing through another unit.

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