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Inspection History

dumpling palace
179 massachusetts av
Boston, MA. 02115

Following is a list of inspections performed within the past year for dumpling palace. Click on an inspection date to view their inspection details.
Inspection DateInspection Result
11/2/2017 * Pass with no violations
10/26/2017 Violations found; re-inspection required
7/6/2017 Pass with no violations
6/28/2017 Violations found; re-inspection required
3/22/2017 Pass with no violations
3/8/2017 Violations persist
3/1/2017 Violations found; re-inspection required
12/2/2016 Pass with no violations
11/18/2016 Violations persist
11/16/2016 Violations persist
8/15/2016 Pass with no violations
8/8/2016 Violations persist
8/1/2016 Violations persist
7/29/2016 Violations found; re-inspection required
3/14/2016 Pass with no violations
3/4/2016 Violations found; re-inspection required
12/18/2015 Pass with no violations
12/14/2015 Violations found; re-inspection required
* Posted letter grade is based on this inspection.