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Short Form Permit

A short form permit application can be completed online and in-person.  All in-person applications must be completed at the Permit Counter 1 of the Building Division, 5th floor at 1010 Mass Ave.

A short form application is for MINOR alterations to an existing building that will not change the use, egress, or increase living space or fire protection of the existing building.

Examples: Changing out a kitchen or bathroom.

What you need to complete the application:

  1. full, concise description of proposed work;

  2. total cost of the project;

  3. identification (contractors must show Trade License);

  4. and if the application is filed by a licensed contractor, a copy of the contract signed by the contractor and the owner (note: plans are not required on a short form application, unless requested by ward inspector).

  5. Homeowners of one or two family dwellings can apply for a building permit without a license. However, the homeowner takes responsibility for all work performed and must sign a Homeowner Waiver form forfeiting any rights under the Arbitration program or Guaranty fund.

If Applicable:

  1. Rodent control number for all basement and groundwork;

  2. health certificate for any commerical food preparation in restaurant;

  3. and landmark approval letter if property is located in historical district.

If you are applying online, you will be asked to upload the following:

Property Owner


A short form permit will NOT be issued for any of the following:

Questions? Call the Permit Counter at 617-961-3271.

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