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Plans and Zoning (Counter 2)

Zoning regulates the uses and dimensional boundaries (i.e. height) of privately owned buildings and land.

Plans & Zoning Counter 2 ("intake") processes stamped plans, costs, and fees - guiding your application through the permit process. Located on the 5th floor of the Building Division.
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  • Being armed with a proper scope, cost, and necessary documents from the beginning will expedite your permit request.

  • If Planning & Zoning denies the permit due to a code violation, you may appeal to the Board of Appeals or appropriate state review board. You must appeal within 45 days from the date of the refusal letter if violation involves Zoning.
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    Zoning Check - A New Tool for Businesses

    Zoning regulations are complex. Finding out where to locate your business in Boston doesn't have to be. Zoning Check allows business owners to see where specific uses are allowed by the zoning code by answering just a few short questions.

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