What Can be Sold at a Farmers Market?

See what products can be sold at market and to view restrictions (if any).

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Fresh Produce
Maple Syrup
Farm fresh eggs
Fish and Crustaceans
Processed Foods
Packaged Food
Food Samples
Food Demonstrations (for educational purposes)
Food Trucks
Food Push Carts
Non-Food Vendors
Non-Food Services


  • Note about Food Handling

    The ISD, Health Division must assess the facilities available to the farmers market and prohibit any food handling operation that cannot safely be performed.  In addition, the Board of Health may prohibit the sale of certain food items if the items cannot be handled and maintained in accordance with all applicable health codes. If the farmers market is located on a public way, the market may require approval from the Public Works Department.

    Hand Washing Stations

    Massachusetts Minimum Requirements for Packaged-food Labeling

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