Obituaries in 2007

 Name & Division Died Status
Fire Fighter Lawrence F. Buckley, Jr., Ladder 8January 2Retired
Fire Fighter Robert M. Ceurvels, Engine 10January 7Retired
Deputy Chief John E. Clougherty, Division 1January 15Retired
Lieutenant Peter W. Judge, Engine 37January 15Retired
Fire Fighter George E. McGowan, Fire Prevention Div.January 23Retired
Fire Fighter Robert C. DeYoung, Marine UnitFebruary 8Retired
District Chief Thomas J. Hobin, District 7February 10Retired
Fire Fighter Daniel W. Grant, Personnel DivisionFebruary 16Retired
Lieutenant Warren J. Cudmore, Ladder 8February 24Retired
Fire Fighter Mario J. Dell'Orfano, Marine UnitMarch 1Retired
Fire Fighter Stephen A. Jerzylo, Engine 48March 2Retired
Captain John F. Kenney, Engine 24March 9Active
Fire Fighter Anthony A. Abban, Engine 2March 12Retired
Fire Fighter William C. Millerick, Engine 32March 19Retired
Fire Fighter William J. Hegarty, Rescue 2March 21Retired
Fire Fighter John J. Trementozzi, Ladder 8April 2Retired
Lieutenant Angelo J. Koutrouba, Ladder 9April 5Retired
Lieutenant George B. Hickey, Engine 36April 19Retired
Lieutenant Frank R. Altimar, Fire Prevention DivisionApril 19Retired
Fire Fighter George E. Leighton, Ladder 24April 25Retired
Captain William F. Nasta, Ladder 24May 1Retired
Fire Fighter William J. Cahill, Fire Prevention DivisionMay 3Retired
Fire Fighter Anthony Cataldo, Marine UnitMay 5Retired
Fire Fighter Phinazee Brown. Jr., Ladder 25May 6Active
District Chief Emmet J. Kiley, District 12May 8Retired
Fire Fighter Neil F. Sullivan, Aide to District 7May 22Retired
Fire Fighter Arthur J. Leary, Engine 17May 24Retired
Fire Fighter David A. Middleton, Engine 51May 29
Active - Line of Duty
Fire Fighter Dennis J. Walsh, Motor SquadJune 13Retired
Fire Fighter Francis Duffy, Engine 11June 21Retired
Fire Fighter Thomas P. O'Connell, Jr., Ladder 18June 21Retired
Fire Fighter Jimmy L. Young, Engine 22June 26Active
Fire Fighter Eugene J. O'Gara, Engine 30July 3Active
Captain Robert A. Foley, Ladder 18July 4Retired
Lieutenant Biaggi J. Germano, Engine 42July 7Retired
Fire Fighter Stephen K. Morrison, Marine UnitJuly 16Retired
District Chief Steven H. Ostis, District 10July 18Retired
Fire Fighter Harvey Campbell, Ladder 8July 24Retired
Lieutenant Anthony F.Laurano, Engine 56July 26Retired
Captain Morley J. Carter, Engine 42July 30Retired
Fire Fighter John J. Walsh, Engine 3August 8Retired
Fire Fighter Richard T. Davis, Engine 20August 21Retired
Fire Fighter Warren J. Payne, Ladder 25August 29Active - Line of Duty
Fire Fighter Paul J. Cahill, Engine 30August 29Active - Line of Duty
District Chief James A. Donovan, Jr., District 9September 17Retired
Fire Fighter John F. Gallagher, Jr., Aide to the CommissionerOctober 10Retired
Fire Fighter Charles L. Mann, Jr., Ladder 11October 20Retired
Paul R. Vogel, Fire Alarm ConstructionOctober 27Retired
Senior Fire Alarm Operator Robert L. Sullivan, Fire AlarmOctober 31Retired
Fire Fighter Charles E. Bagley, Lighting Plant 2November 3Retired
Fire Fighter John F. Casey, Maintenance DivisionNovember 5Retired
Captain Kevin J. O'Toole, Fire Investigation UnitNovember 27Retired
Lieutenant Arthur J. Howard, Engine 3November 30Retired
Captain Joseph L. Corbett, Fire Investigation UnitDecember 3Retired
Fire Fighter Edward C. Radzik, Fire Investigation UnitDecember 3Retired
Fire Fighter Harry S. Huether, Engine 48December 15Retired
Fire Fighter Alfred M. McLaughlin, High PressureDecember 18Retired
Fire Fighter Lawrence F. Ford, Engine 41December 20Retired


  • New Ordinance Enacted in Boston

    Regulating the use and sale of outdoor cooking appliances, outdoor patio and space heaters, outdoor decorative appliances, and outdoor fireplaces. On July 30, 2014 the Boston City Council amended the Boston Fire Prevention Code by passing Article XXXIII of the Boston Fire Prevention Code.

    Article XXXIII of the Boston Fire Prevention Code

  • Think Safety First When Planning Your Barbecue

    BFD offers tips and advice on barbecue safety.

    Barbecue Safety Information

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