Boston Harbor Islands Programs

Long Island

The Mayor's Office of Environmental Services has issued a Request for Proposals for The Long Island Limited Public Access Plan. The request seeks proposals that set forth the best way for the ongoing activities of the Public Health Commission campus to co-exist with limited public-access to the island.

Long Island Limited Public Access Plan
The Farm at Long Island Shelter
Harbor Debris Clean-up Demonstration Program

Boston Harbor is much cleaner than it used to be, thanks to the extensive clean-up program that has been undertaken. On July 6, former Mayor Menino was joined by The Boston Harbor Association, MWRA, Eastern Salt, Massport and UMass Urban Harbors Institute to announce the 10th year of the Boston Harbor and Charles River debris clean-up. Led by TBHA with city funding, the debris clean up boat operates 8 hours/day, 5 days/week removing debris and hazards from these waterways. To expand the clean-up further, a program has been initiated to include floating debris such as food wrappers, cups, and wood. The Boston Environment Department, in collaboration with the Mass. Department of Coastal Zone Management, the Mass. Water Resources Authority, and MassPort, are working with the Boston Harbor Associates to provide a floating-debris removal program.

Following last year's designation of Boston Harbor as a No Discharge Area, the City of Boston (through BRA/EDIC and the Environment Dept) has provided two new pumpout sites at Berth 10 in the Boston Marine Industrial Park and in the Charlestown Navy Yard Pier 4. In addition, the MWRA has provided the City with a pumpout boat to service commercial vessel and workboats. This boat, the "Head of the Harbor" is operated for the City by UMASS-Boston as part of their Marine Operations and Harbor Studies program. The boat responds to requests for sewage pumpouts and does public education and outreach as well as water quality and ecosystem research.

EPA No Discharge Areas
Boston Harbor Pump Out Facilities

Harbor Discoveries Summer Camp

The New England Aquarium and the Massachusetts Environmental Trust offer children in grades 4 through 7 an opportunity to learn about the world of water by using Long Island and other Boston Harbor Islands as the classroom while exploring aquatic and island environments. Environmental planners and the City of Boston Archeologist are part of the teaching team.

Harbor Discoveries Camp