Boston's Optical Scanners Make Voting Easier

For the past several years, Bostonians have voted using optical scanning equipment. The scanners have proven to make voting easier and more accurate, while saving the taxpayers money, and replacing the outdated lever machines with state-of-the art technology.

Optical Scanners are easy to use!

Follow these three simple steps to vote in Boston.
  1. Give your name and address to the Election Officer at the Check-In Table. Pick up your ballot.
    Boston's Voting System - Step 1
  2. Make your choices by filling in the ovals.
    Boston's Voting System - Step 2
  3. Give your name and address again at the Check-Out Table. Place your ballot into the scanner. The ballot can be inserted printed side down or printed side up. The choice is up to the voter!
    Boston's Voting System - Step 3
About the AccuVote-OS Voting System

Watch a video demonstration
of the new voting system from the League of Women Voters (wmv file)

  • Straightforward, easy-to-understand name-on-the-ballot concept.

  • Uses paper ballots to control permanent physical records of voter choices and accommodates traditional recounting procedures.

  • Visible light reader technology permits voters to shade in the oval next to the candidate of choice with any standard pen or pencil, excluding red ink. This is especially advantageous in an uncontrolled absentee-by-mail voting environment.

  • Voters can review their final decisions on paper before casting their vote by inserting the ballot into the AccuVote-OS tabulator.

  • Ballots are processed in the polling place, not transported to a central location. Only the voter touches their ballot between the time it is voted and the time it is counted.

  • Minimal training and no computer expertise: Precinct workers can set up and monitor elections with ease and confidence with minimal training.

Mailing Information

  • Please address all Election correspondences to:

    Boston Election Department
    1 City Hall Square – Room 241
    Boston, MA 02201

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