How to Comply

In 2013, the City of Boston enacted the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance. This page outlines how building owners can comply with these requirements.

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Who's Covered?
Who's Responsible?
What are the Deadlines?

The How-To Guide: Instructions on Energy Reporting

Owners of covered buildings need to enter their whole-building energy and water use into the Portfolio Manager tool, and then submit the resulting report to the City. The Environment Department has written a guide with step-by-step instructions on completing and submitting this report in Portfolio Manager. A ten-step checklist is also available.

How To Comply - User Guide
Ten-Step Checklist

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Energy Star Portfolio Manager, a free energy tracking tool developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is currently used by over 260,000 buildings in the U.S. Building owners should create an account to get started. EPA provides training and help with Portfolio Manager, including a helpdesk for user questions.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager
Energy Star Portfolio Manager Training and Help Page

Whole-Building Energy Data

The utilities NSTAR, National Grid, and Veolia are making whole-building energy use data available to building owners for energy reporting, so that owners will be able to obtain energy totals for their buildings without having to request data from individual tenants.

NSTAR and National Grid

Each utility is providing data in an Excel file format that can be directly uploaded into Portfolio Manager.

Buildings with three or fewer tenants, or buildings where one tenant is responsible for over half of the energy use, will need to obtain approval from their tenants for getting whole-building electric or gas data. (Non-residential tenants are required to make this data available upon request). The tenant authorization forms can be used for both NSTAR’s and National Grid’s data services. 

In some cases, a building may have many tenants but just 1-3 electric meters paid by the owner. Since NSTAR counts meter numbers as locations, owners of these buildings can verify their ownership by emailing with the account and meter numbers from their bills.


Building owners can request their data by emailing

Boston Water and Sewer Commission

Water customers can access two years' of monthly consumption data at BWSC's Account Page

Report Template Link

When all required data have been entered into Portfolio Manager, the link below will import the Boston-specific reporting template into a building owner’s Portfolio Manager account. This template will enable the owner to generate, preview, and submit the required report. Building owners should ensure that all data is complete prior to clicking on the template link, as this is the last step of the reporting process.

Boston Energy Reporting Template for Calendar Year 2013 Data

Supplemental Forms

In some cases, building owners may need information from tenants that they do not have accurate data for. The Environment Department has created forms that building owners can use for these requests. A printable PDF version of this form and a Word version that can be filled and saved electronically are provided below.

Additionally, a form is provided below for requesting an extension. Building owners with good cause can apply for a deadline extension by August 15.

Property Information Request Form (PDF)
Property Information Request Form (MS Word)
Request for an Extension

Extrapolation Tool

In a few cases, building owners may not have utility-provided data, and their tenant-released data may not cover the whole building. For these cases, the City will be making available a tool to help owners estimate whole-building energy usage, when they have exhausted all other options for obtaining accurate, whole-building data.