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The City of Boston, by request of Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch, has withdrawn its application to install a wind turbine on Moon Island.  The project, part of the City of Boston's commitment to addressing climate change and promoting community based clean energy, would have consisted of a single utility-scale wind turbine with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 megawatts, which, over a year, would generate enough clean energy to meet the annual needs of 750-1,000 average homes.

The withdrawn project site is on a hill in the middle of Moon Island, between the police range and fire training academy.  It is an ideal location, because it has strong, consistent winds, is relatively distant from the nearest residence (about one mile), and lies outside of the flight paths to Logan International Airport.  The City completed a comprehensive analysis of the project to ensure that environmental and community impacts are fully understood and minimized.

Moon Island Wind FAQ 2012

(The picture below is a SIMULATION of the Moon Island Wind Turbine from the corner of Bayside Road and Brunswick Street in the Quincy neighborhood of Squantum).


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is wind power important to cities?
How many jobs will be created by this project?
I'm concerned about my view. What will the turbine look like?
Would the construction of a wind turbine this size impact the flight path to Logan Airport?
I have heard that wind turbines kill birds. Is this going to be a problem?
I am concerned about noise and vibration. Will I hear or feel the turbine in my house?
What about "shadow-flicker"?
I heard wind turbines can impact public health. Are there such impacts here?
Where will the energy go?

Review Process Timeline (April 2010-present)

Since April 2010, the City of Boston and the City of Quincy have been coordinating to conduct public outreach and education regarding the Moon Island Wind project. Please refer to the timeline, as well as the project update presentation for additional details.

05/24/10 – Quincy Community Meeting (Squantum Elementary)

08/27/10 – Submitted for Quincy Special Permit – Wind Facilities

10/13/10 – MESA filing

03/10/11 – Quincy community meeting (Quincy City Hall)

04/06/11 – Quincy Planning Board Meeting (Project presentation)

05/11/11 – Advisory opinion from EOEA on MEPA thresholds

05/26/11 – Resubmitted Quincy special permit – Wind Facilities

07/21/11 – National Grid interconnection study commissioned

07/28/11 – Quincy follow-up comments on special permit 1

01/07/11 – FAA determination of no hazard letter issued

12/01/11 – Intensive archeological survey of site by PAL

12/13/11 – Beals + Thomas peer reviewer report issued

12/14/11 – Quincy Planning Board (Business meeting agenda)

12/14/11 – Mass Historic Commission – letter of no significant findings

01/09/12 – MESA / NHESP determined not within rare wildlife / priority habitat

01/11/12 – Quincy Planning Board (Beals + Thomas peer reviewer presentation)

02/08/12 – Quincy Planning Board (Public hearing postponed)

02/29/12 - City of Boston submitted letter of withdrawl, by request of Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch

Project Overview Presentation (Updated)

Moon Island Wind Withdrawal February 2012

Visual Simulation of Moon Island Wind Project

Technical Reports

Additional Documents